Perfect Gifts to Give from Daughter to Mom With Love

Moms and daughters share a special dynamic right from the very beginning. You and your mom may be the picture of #momdaughtergoals with a sweet shared bond now that you’ve grown up. So you’re looking to find something special for the mom who’s been there through it all with you (even teenage acne). This gift list fills in the ideas, so you can choose just the right gift for Mom — since you know her like no one else.

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Add to Her Style

Give her an stylish evening clutch, because she needs a night out feeling fabulous. 



You know mom loves candles, so give her beeswax candles that burn cleaner  (and are also great for meditation.)




This all-natural hair spray will freshen her hair like a day at the beach, swimming in detoxifying saltwater. 




Give her a sundial ring, since she's been a ray of light for you. If she holds it up on a sunny day, and rotates the sundial so the hole is next to the current date, a beam of light will illuminate the time. 



Because pairing a kitty with a planter puts two of Mom's favorite things together  — the ultimate score. (Psst, don't forget to add a plant!)




Mom taught you this lesson long ago: Love what you do. 




Give Mom a sunkissed glow with this dual lip and cheek cream — you know she loves a two-for-one. 


Give her a T-shirt that shows how much you all love Mom's Taco Tuesdays. 


Here's one for Mom's bookcase that shows her how you feel in marquee lights. 




Mom doesn't know what's on trend, so give her a handprinted cotton canvas bag that'll make her the coolest mom on the block.  




Since Mom's towel closet is full of faded terrycloth, this luxe beach towel is just the fresh addition she needs for summer. 




This Japanese enamelware kettle is something she'd never buy for herself, and she'll now use everyday. (Meaning it's the perfect gift.)




Your Mom loves a classic style, so she'll fall for this saddle bag that comes with a removable scarf (she may wear other ways, too.) 




There's two things you can be sure of: Mom always runs a little cold temperature-wise, and a cashmere poncho never goes out of style. 




A heart-within-a-heart is a sweet way of describing your mother-daughter bond. 


This modern porcelain pitcher is perfect for the mom who loves to entertain and host the whole family on Sundays. 




She's always made you feel like her love is infinite, so here's a circle of love necklace to bring that love 'round back to her. 


Find that family photo you all love and get it made into a wood plaque she'll want to hang in the family room. 


Anyone can grab a bouquet of flowers and call it a gift, but only a daughter thinks to give Mom flowers every month (she deserves it.)


Give Her What She Needs

This is no ordinary charcoal mask, and its detoxifying powers are best paired with a mother-daughter movie marathon of girlie flicks. 




If you're searching for a photo gift that feels unexpected, then give her a hand-drawn pencil sketch made from one of your favorite family snaps. 


You and your mom share a love for many things, including most anything that sparkles. 


No matter where you go, no one's pancakes are better than a fluffy stack of Mom's buttermilk pancakes — and this beautiful batter bowl will make pouring even easier. 




Your mama loves to cook, so give her a beautiful crock to keep those spatulas sitting pretty on the counter. 



Mom taught you to always have snacks, and you can teach her about the cute reusable snack baggies now available. 




When looking for the perfect gift for the woman who has been most influential in your life, look no further than a bestselling book that shares the profiles for more than 100 exceptional women. 


If your mom owns a smartphone, this cutie cat stand will change the way she powers up. 




A good pair of leather pruning gloves is a must for any mom who spends her free time in the rose garden. 




The only thing sweeter than Mom getting to grow her own heirloom veggies (like Cherry Belle Radish and Tendersweet Carrot) is the colorful giftie packaging on this seed kit. 



For the mom who bags a lunch for the office, give her a rainbow cooler bag to match her fun, bold spirit. 




Here's the wonder tool every mom needs for packing lunches in less time, with less mess. 


Mom knows she loves tea, but she hasn't explored what's out there — open up her world with this herbal tea kit. 


If your mama is always baking —  but she doesn't own a digital kitchen scale — you can be precisely sure she'll love this gift. 


Because taking the time to express some big feelings is the best way to make Mom's day. 


For moms who garden, give her a tool seat that keeps her in top form and comfortable while weeding and planting. 


Here's a group gift idea for you and your siblings, so Mom will have a special canvas to hang up as a sweet reminder. 


You've snapped all those square photos of the fam on Instagram, so it'll be easy to fill this wooden photo cube for Mom's desk. 


You can't get Mom to downsize her bag, but you can make it easier for her to spot her lip balm. 


With this amazing Aerogarden, your mom can grow her own salad greens (even flowers!) right at home. 




Think before you personalize, and then this soft vintage-style shirt will really surprise Mom. 


Your mother likes to keep her neck warm in a scarf (long after winter), so give her this helpful fashion magnet to keep her scarf in place. 


Help Her Take it Easy

Your mama may not follow the oh-so-popular Moon Juice instafeed, so you're in charge of sharing its healing natural remedies, like this Beauty Dust. 


Like daughter like mother, now Mom can have a pair of Uggs just perfect for her. 


She may have figured out texting, but your mom would still prefer a stack of photo prints in a pretty box over scrolling through digital jpegs. 


Because your mama craves quality time as a family, this New York Times bestselling cookbook will give her ideas for creating some new family rituals centered around simple celebrations. 



The truth is candles are all about the fragrance, and this essential oil-based fragranced candle is sure to be a new favorite for Mom. 




When in doubt, a basket full of spa goodies will make most any mom (yours included) very happy. 


Her evening tubs are her favorite place to wind down, so give your mom a sturdy bathtub caddy that lets her drink a glass of wine or read a book amongst the bubbles. 




This sweet carved box was designed for someone just like your mother, who saves absolutely everything sentimental — from ticket stubs to little notes. 




No better time to give your mama something big off her bucket list. 


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By: Jen L'Italien  |  Mar 24, 2017


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