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Essential Guide to Awesome 10th Anniversary Gifts

It's been 10 years since you said "I do". That's something to celebrate! The traditional and modern guidelines are always a great place to start, but we also have a handful of tips to help you find the perfect 10th anniversary gift to honor your first decade together and ensure many more years of "happily ever after" to come.


Go Traditional

Tradition says that 10th anniversary gifts should be Tin or Aluminum but finding something romantic or exciting made out of those can be a major challenge. We like the idea of making a sign for your front door with your names or a family phrase on it.


Go Modern

The modern alternative to tin and aluminum is diamond jewelry. Talk about an upgrade! That also means a major uptick in price; which may not be totally welcome. If it is, an eternity band to compliment her wedding ring is a classic 10th anniversary gift. Or, an overall upgrade in her bridal jewelry. For him, a set of diamond cufflinks or a watch with one or more diamonds on the dial could be a flashy call.


Go Themed

Ten is such a fun number to play with so why not make a collection of ten things that you know your significant adores. Ten roses, ten bottles of wine, ten pairs of his favorite flip flops, a ten course dinner, a booklet of ten date night coupons; whatever it is will be more fun and memorable in a package of ten.


Go Way Back

A framed photo from the year you got married or a photo of you both when you were ten years old are unique and heart-felt ways to honor your ten years together.


Remember Them

Remember what first made you swoon over him or her? What did you used to do separately or talk about that really reeled you in? Honor that with a gift that helps your sweetie reconnect with who they were when you first met.


Relax Together

There's no denying that after ten years together, life has gotten more complicated and stressful at times than you ever imagined. You both could use a break. Why not plan a relaxing escape for just the two of you?