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How to Sneak in the Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Some gifts you just have to get right. The office Secret Santa definitely lands on that list (hello stress). For the office grab bag, you want Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers that fall between quirky and practical, and feel unexpected yet useful. You want a gift that anyone would covet - and steers clear of anything cringe-worthy. Taking notes? We've got you covered with Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers.


Give a gift everyone at the office can relate to

We all get the afternoon munchies and need caffeine pick-me-ups. Look for a rad snack dispenser or coffee accessories (like a cool mug or thermos) as Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers that anyone will love.


Opt for classic over trendy

Gifts for the home that go all-in for a specific style or trend are risky, because chances are, you don't know how your coworker decorates his or her home. Keep it simple with a classic serving dish or set of glassware.


Find a fun twist on the ordinary

Scout Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers that feel a little unexpected - like chocolate paired with bacon, a key organizer inspired by a pocketknife design, or a stylish tote bag for groceries.


Scout out gifts to perk up the desk

Look for desktop stress-relievers, like sand art to clear the mind when tackling an overwhelming in-box. And you probably know a few coworkers who'd love to play desktop golf.


Make it the talk of the office

From a sassy desk sign to a pillow for office power naps, tongue-in-cheek gifts give your lucky recipient (and fellow coworkers) a few laughs.


Build on a simple theme

Rather than one big gift, consider little gifts that build on a theme - like food gifts or travel-themed gifts for the jetsetting coworker.