Virtual Reality Headset

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SMARTPHONE COMPATIBLE including any 4-6″ iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone together with a Google Cardboard compatible app or any app that displays 2 screen, stereoscopic content.. BUILT-IN UNIVERSAL COMFORT-FIT PADDING cushions the headset against your face for added comfort during your VR experience. The Omnisight VR Headset has adjustable head straps that keep the headset securely in place.. EASY ON THE EYES with fully adjustable focus, lateral eye position adjustment for use without glasses. Built-in Pupil Distance and Focal Distance Adjustments allow you to fine tune for a perfect fit!. HD OPTICS OFFERS UNOBSTRUCTED 120º FIELD OF VIEW, FOV translates to amazing image quality.. BUILT-IN HIGH-DEF STEREO SURROUND HEADPHONES seamlessly connect to your smartphone. The Torch Bluetooth Wireless Remote is compact and lightweight, and is the ultimate multi-media companion to connect to IOS, Android, and Windows smartphones for enhanced gaming functionality..

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