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Gifts Under $50:Photo Name Collage Frame
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Birthday Wooden Baseball Bat
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Mermaid Tail Blanket
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Throw Pillow
Gifts Under $50:Girls Personalized Canvas
Gifts Under $50:Moon Phase Necklace
Gifts Under $50:Kite With Flying Handle
Gifts Under $50:Light Up Hoodies
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Padded Bleacher Seat
Gifts Under $50:Personalized You Name It Frames
Gifts Under $50:Safe Paperweight
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Name Meaning Canvas Art Print..
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Athletic Sweatshirts
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Birthday Party Banner
Gifts Under $50:Story Of The Earth Bracelets
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Kids Coat Rack
Gifts Under $50:Anti-Theft Backpack
Gifts Under $50:Thumb Piano
Gifts Under $50:Baseball Game
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Graduation Keepsake Box -..
Gifts Under $50:Gummy Bear Night Lights
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Picture Frames - School Spirit
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Graduation Necklace - Silver..
Gifts Under $50:Sister Cartoon Character Personalized..
Gifts Under $50:Cedar Thumb Pianos
Gifts Under $50:Brother Cartoon Character Personalized..
Gifts Under $50:Sing Stand Karaoke System
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Lunch Bags - Stencil Name
Gifts Under $50:Birth Month Flower Necklace
Gifts Under $50:SOL Origin Survival Kit
Gifts Under $50:Worlds Best Geode Kit
Gifts Under $50:Zipfy Freestyle Snow Sled
Gifts Under $50:R/C Rock Crawler
Gifts Under $50:Gravity Maze
Gifts Under $50:OgoSport OgoDisk RAQ
Gifts Under $50:40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey
Gifts Under $50:Lenox Childhood Memories Box
Gifts Under $50:#1 Rated LED Desk Lamp
Gifts Under $50:Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
Gifts Under $50:Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels
Gifts Under $50:Bead Leather Wrap Bracelet
Gifts Under $50:Amazon.Com Gift Cards
Gifts Under $50:Amazon Gift Card
Gifts Under $50:Shoot Again Basketball
Gifts Under $50:WeMo Light Switch
Gifts Under $50:1980s Classic Retro Candy Gift Box
Gifts Under $50:Doinkit® Darts
Gifts Under $50:DotPen

Expert Tips

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How to Buy Awesome Gifts for 13-Year-Olds

Being 13 means you're finally a teenager - and that's incredibly exciting to be! Ride the wave of this thrilling time in a child's life by buying an equally rocking gift for him or her. Here are a few ways to think about buying gifts for 13-year-olds.


Go Digital

Teens are digital natives. With this in mind, buy your 13-year-old something that makes her tech lifestyle even cooler. From new gadgets to new accessories for her favorite devices, you'll find something that matches their personality with their tech obsession. 


Get Personal

Kids love anything with their name on it - which is why they doodle their name all over their notebooks, backpacks, and sneakers. Gift a 13-year-old with a T-shirt, pillow, backpack, wall hanging, or piece of jewelry with her name on it, and you're guaranteed to make her day.


Help Them Capture Memories

Many teens love to document their lives. A notebook he can use as a diary or a scrapbook she can use to remember the concerts and parties she goes to would go over well with most 13-year-olds.


Give Them the Gift of Style

At 13, kids are just getting a sense of their personal style, shopping for themselves and putting together their own outfits. A cool sweatshirt, piece of jewelry, watch, or jacket from their favorite store (check with mom and dad first!) would be fun gift for a teen to receive.


Help Them Cheer on Their Team

If your teen is a sports fan, pretty much anything that honors his favorite team - from a jersey to a wall hanging - is a guaranteed win.


Encourage a Love of Music

Thirteen is a great age to first pick up a musical instrument, so consider gifting a full-sized, professional grade instrument to your teen along with lessons from a professional musician.

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