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Gifts Under $50:Book Of The Month For Kids
Gifts Under $50:Photo Name Collage Frame
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Mermaid Tail Blanket
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Kids Backpacks
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Girls Duffel Bags - Ladybug
Gifts Under $50:Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit
Gifts Under $50:Boys Personalized Sports Duffel Bag & Travel..
Gifts Under $50:Girls Personalized Butterfly Purse &..
Gifts Under $50:The Original Mermaid Tail Blanket
Gifts Under $50:Aquabot Bottle & Sprayer
Gifts Under $50:Adopt A Horse
Gifts Under $50:Kidizoom Smartwatch
Gifts Under $50:Design Your Own Personalized Picture Frame -..
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Birthday Wooden Baseball Bat
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Name Meaning Canvas Art Print..
Gifts Under $50:Adopt A Panda
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Photo Birthday Party Banner -..
Gifts Under $50:Precious Moments Personalized Bible For Girls
Gifts Under $50:Kids Smart Alarm Clock
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Kids Coat Rack
Gifts Under $50:3D Pen Set
Gifts Under $50:Razor Scooter
Gifts Under $50:USA Coloring Tablecloth
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Kids Duffel Bag - Lovable Owl
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Round Beach Towel - Beach Ball
Gifts Under $50:Gummy Bear Night Lights
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Girls Growth Chart - Precious..
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Picture Frames - School Spirit
Gifts Under $50:Super Fun RC Robot
Gifts Under $50:Sing Stand Karaoke System
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Lunch Bags - Stencil Name
Gifts Under $50:Personalized You Name It Frames
Gifts Under $50:4-Way Tunnel Pop-Up Junction
Gifts Under $50:My Life Story Diary
Gifts Under $50:Zipfy Freestyle Snow Sled
Gifts Under $50:Gravity Maze
Gifts Under $50:Perplexus Epic
Gifts Under $50:OgoSport OgoDisk RAQ
Gifts Under $50:Recordable Storybook
Gifts Under $50:8-In-1 Sports Car Building Set
Gifts Under $50:One Line A Day: 3-Year Memory Book
Gifts Under $50:RC Battling Tanks
Gifts Under $50:1980s Classic Retro Candy Gift Box
Gifts Under $50:Vintage Snow Cone Maker
Gifts Under $50:Indoor Basketball Hoop
Gifts Under $50:Super Stadium Baseball Game
Gifts Under $50:Harry Potter The Elder Wand With..
Gifts Under $50:40th Birthday Gift Box Of Retro Candy
Gifts Under $50:Kinetic Sand (Sandbox & Molds Activity Set)
Gifts Under $50:Ocean Wave Projector LED Night Light
Gifts Under $50:Birthday Care Package
Gifts Under $50:Happy Birthday Gift Tower
Gifts Under $50:Personalized Star Map

Expert Tips

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Essential Guide to Gifts for 8-Year-Olds

If you know one, you know that 8-year olds are more like teenagers than you remembered. They have already started building cliques and crushing on boys and girls and having strong ideas of what they want to be when they grow up. As shocking as this must be for their parents, it makes it easier for us to lock in on the perfect gifts for 8-year olds. Here's how:


When I Grow Up

Usually kids this age have a definite idea of what they want to be when they grow up even if that changes every week. Find out what this week's dream is and help it feel more possible with a gift that expands their knowledge in an age appropriate way.


Friends Rule

Even if you don't know who their best friend is, you can get them something to share with him or her. There are so many fun "best friend" gifts out there whether it's something they make themselves or comes already beautifully made and packaged.


Hobby Time

8-year olds generally have a hobby that they're obsessed with doing from making detailed models to weaving friendship bracelets and you can help them dive deeper into their favorite things with a gift that expands their knowledge and experience.


Get Crafty

Making things is always fun?even as an adult! This is the age where it really starts to get good and you can help by getting them abstract sets or pre-designed kits to make something new. They'll be showing all of their friends how to do it in no time.


Favorite Characters Unite

Kids this age have well established their love of certain characters, brands and movies. Lucky for you there are also an endless supply of licensed goods that makes stellar presents. Or, think outside of the frame and get something that aligns with the favorite character's world or interests but isn't branded.


Don't be Trendy

Unless you are positive that you know exactly what's cool for an 8-year old don't go out on a limb to buy something that you think is trendy. It will inevitably get thrown into the abyss of the back of the closet and no one wants that.

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