Anniversary Gifts:JamStik (Guitar For Your IPad)
Anniversary Gifts:Mondo Internet Radio
Anniversary Gifts:The Barista Coffee Machine
Anniversary Gifts:Diamond J Shape Earrings (1 Cttw)
Anniversary Gifts:Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable
Anniversary Gifts:Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte
Anniversary Gifts:Samsung Smart WiFi Camera
Anniversary Gifts:Heineken BeerTender
Anniversary Gifts:Massage King Multifunction Foot Massager
Anniversary Gifts:Sony Smartphone Attachable Camera
Anniversary Gifts:Mindplace Kasina Audio Visual Synthesizer
Anniversary Gifts:Lobster Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts:10k Yellow Gold Heart Diamond Necklace
Anniversary Gifts:Electronic Tabletop Drum For Dummies
Anniversary Gifts:14k White Gold Heart Diamond Necklace
Anniversary Gifts:3-Row Pearl Necklace
Anniversary Gifts:Race A Ferrari
Anniversary Gifts:Dual-Camera Car DashCam
Anniversary Gifts:Samsung Smart Watch
Anniversary Gifts:Diamond Watch With Engraving
Anniversary Gifts:BeoPlay A2
Anniversary Gifts:Game Capture (For Your Proudest Moments)
Anniversary Gifts:Mont Blanc Classique Gold Fountain Pen
Anniversary Gifts:GoPro HERO4
Anniversary Gifts:Big Moss Augusta Putting Green
Anniversary Gifts:Silk Chemise & Robe Set
Anniversary Gifts:Meditation Mind Machine
Anniversary Gifts:Nest Learning Thermostat
Anniversary Gifts:Tandem Skydiving
Anniversary Gifts:Helicopter Tours
Anniversary Gifts:Pure Cashmere Pajama Set
Anniversary Gifts:Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband
Anniversary Gifts:Deluxe Recliner Chair /W Massage & Heat
Anniversary Gifts:House Of Marley Audio System
Anniversary Gifts:16th-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar
Anniversary Gifts:Custom Fingerprint Cufflinks
Anniversary Gifts:Date Night Experience Voucher
Anniversary Gifts:Opal And Diamond Pendant
Anniversary Gifts:Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle
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Anniversary Gifts:Smart Weather Station
Anniversary Gifts:Eternal Love - Anniversary Wine Box
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Anniversary Gifts:Bose SoundLink Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Anniversary Gifts:Engraved Diamond Earrings
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Anniversary Gifts:Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
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Anniversary Gifts:Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
Anniversary Gifts:Towel Warmer
Anniversary Gifts:Diamond Twist Earrings And Necklace
Anniversary Gifts:Birthmonth Real Flower Pendants
Anniversary Gifts:Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
Anniversary Gifts:Sterling Silver Angel Feather Necklace
Anniversary Gifts:Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard
Anniversary Gifts:UGG Womens Coquette Slippers

Expert Tips

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Answer these 8 Questions to Find Most Unique Anniversary Gifts

If you're friends or family of the couple, or the husband or wife yourself, or boyfriend or girlfriend there are a few questions to ask to reveal gifts that celebrate the time together in a way as unique as they are.


How did they meet?

Paying homage to the first time they met is a great way to rekindle and keep the sparks flying. Recreate the event or give a collection of gifts that will have them reminiscing.


What dreams do they share?

Help them achieve something together that they've always wanted to do by getting a gift to reignite that inspiration and guide them to its fruition. Better yet, give them a gift that sparks a new hobby that they can get into together. New experiences are what keep couples communicating and happy, afterall.


Are they traditional, modern or out of the box?

There are options and guides for all of the above if you know how many years they've been married.


What is the actual wedding date?

It was most likely one of the best days of their lives so use the date to get a commemorative gift with it engraved, embroidered, or printed.


What do they like to do together?

Remember what they used to love to do before kids and real-life started to take up all of their time and give them a gift to get them back in action. A couple that plays together stays together!


What's next?

If they're planning for retirement, a career change or something else; you can get a gift to show them you support it.


Which of their talents do you appreciate most?

Even if they don't break out the guitar on weeknight anymore, you can gently nudge that behavior back into action by picking up a songbook or other gift that will show them how much you appreciate their talent.


How do they like to spend down time or quality time?

Encourage action with this one by getting a gift that relates to how they already like to spend time chilling together. No video games or TV related gifts. Get a gift that will get the couple talking and outside or doing or making something.

Gift Guides

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Traditional and Out-of-Box Ideas for Milestone Anniversaries

Whether you're celebrating your first or 50th anniversary together, the question of what to give your one-and-only perplexes most. And no doubt you're aware there are traditional guidelines for wedding anniversary gifts (much like anything related to weddings!). We love a blueprint for gift shopping, but we also like to think of gifts that are off someone's radar (but simply fantastic!). That's why we enlisted the help of Nancy Laboz, creator and proprietress of Parcel, which is a one-of-a-kind shop focused on unexpected gifts, unique paper goods, and vintage collections. Here, Nancy shares her expert tips on scouting the best anniversary gifts for your love.  

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The Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Better Half

If the wedding is a celebration, then the actual marriage is a journey. Of course, journeys have highs and lows, but anniversaries come in to help you press pause. An anniversary marks where you are right now — and celebrates the day it all began. In other words, anniversaries are kind of a big deal! So you want a stellar gift prepped and ready. We’ve got you covered with this ultimate list of anniversary gifts.

Expert Tips

Ahh, love. You've finally found your other half, your soul mate, the person with whom you were meant to spend eternity. Now what? Celebrate your coupledom with anniversary gifts that suit your unique bond today, tomorrow, and for always.

At a loss for ideas? Our team of expert curators combed the globe in search of anniversary presents that are as special as your significant other. From jewelry to sports memorabilia and all kinds of touching, playful, and eye-catching gifts in between, these products will showcase your affection in an unforgettable way.

Each item in our collection has been assigned to at least one category, making it easier than ever to find the gift you have in mind, or, if you're eager for inspiration, you can browse through each section and see what our experts have already discovered. For an even more memorable celebration, choose a gift based on your loved one's characteristics. Scroll through hundreds of unique products to find that one shining item that fits his or her personality, feelings, and/or expectations.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself these questions:

You'll be amazed at how productive a few minutes of brainstorming can be. Suddenly, you've got a shopping cart full of cookbooks and personalized grilling tools for your aspiring chef or an endangered animal adoption certificate for the person who's always watching nature documentaries and would do anything for a panda or chimpanzee. Our gifts run the gamut from the whimsical to the "why hadn't I thought of this before?!", making it shockingly easy to find a remarkable gift that is sure to impress.

There's also the question of modern anniversary gifts versus traditional anniversary gifts. While some couple treasure timeless customs and like to exchange presents that mirror their parents' traditions or that conform to cultural practice,s other couples ignore all the so-called rules and decide for themselves what's an appropriate gift. It's Thoughtful carries both traditional and modern gifts, so you can wrap up something sweet and romantic or shop for a wacky, eccentric present that fits every facet of your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Finally, there's another route you can take in your search for the perfect gift, and it involves a little reconnaissance. For a truly rock-their-socks-off surprise, you'll have to dig deep and get some input from your partner's friends, co-workers, and family members. Send around an email, create a secret social media group, or pester them in person. Ask about favorite childhood books or toys, enquire as to what's missing from their desk at the office, or beg for info regarding what item he or she's been coveting but is reluctant to tell you about.

Shopping with a dollar amount in mind? We have two sections crafted with your needs in mind:

Anniversary Gifts Under $50

Love is grand, even when you don't have an actual grand to spend. In just $50 or less, you can say everything you need to say with a gift that sends hearts soaring without breaking your budget. After all, it's the thought that counts, right? Well, maybe the thought and something a bit more tangible.

Pair your good intentions with a gift that's nothing short of spectacular and be kind to your bank account at the same time. From sensible selections to the downright comical, we've got something affordable for every personality to enjoy. The choice is yours, just browse our selection of anniversary gifts under $50 and see what catches your fancy.

Anniversary Gifts Under $100

Have a bit more to spend but still hoping to cap your expenditure at a reasonable C-note? We've got you covered. Our collection of anniversary gifts under $100 features a wide range of presents that includes a little something for everyone. Sentimental gifts? Check. Funny gifts? Sure. Gifts for workaholics, music fans, globetrotters, gardeners, fitness fanatics, homebrewers, and more? Yes, yes, you betcha, yup, definitely, sure thing, and just wait until you see them all!

Don't forget -- once you have the perfect gift, you need to find a winning way to give it to your partner.

Above all, remember that love knows no boundaries and your gift choices shouldn't be hemmed in by financial constraints or lack of ideas, either. With anniversary gifts from It's Thoughtful, you can show you care not just today, but every day. Your sweetheart is awfully lucky -- but then again, so are you.

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