A List of Gift Ideas for Women of a Certain Age

They say the key to aging gracefully is living actively. So when you're shopping for gifts for senior women, think about how she's staying active. Is she outside planting flowers, baking a strawberry pie, or does she keep up with playing games with her grandkids? This long list of gift ideas shares finds that won't collect dust on a shelf — but rather, find something special she'll actively use and love.

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For the Great Outdoors

Galvanized Watering Can

Give her the most adorable watering can you ever did see. Because she notices the details.

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Sling Hammock

Simple pleasures are an easy way to brighten her day. This printed hammock swings in as a fun surprise. 

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MoMA Starry Night Umbrella

You might be too far away for a museum trip together, so give her a handy umbrella that celebrates her love of art.

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Fitness Walking Poles

Her favorite way to stay active is to walk, and these walking poles will make it even easier to take those strolls outdoors. 


Ribbon Braid Hat

Because a proper lady always has a proper hat, especially for those months when she needs to be extra mindful of the sun. 

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Personalized Wind Chimes

She's earned the time to leisurely sit on the porch with her paper — and some pretty wind chimes blowing in the breeze. 


Hooded Waterproof Wrap & Pouch

Because you never know when a sudden rainstorm will hit, and this wrap is lightweight enough to keep in her purse. 


Gardener's Tool Seat

If you know she loves to be in her garden, set her up for comfortably tending to her flowerbeds on a handy seat (that also keeps her tools in order.)


Camp Crew Socks

Consider crew socks made in lightweight, all-season wool, as a cozy gift that's perfect for toes of all ages.

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Goatskin Work Glove

Because she's wise enough to appreciate a gift that prepares her for doing work — in the garden or wherever she likes to work with her hands. 


Pendleton National Park Motor Robe - Grand Canyon

This made-in-America wool blanket will keep her warm out on the porch — or inside watching her favorite shows. 

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For Getting Organized

Ceramic Berry Baskets

Because women of a certain age appreciate a fridge that's organized with pretty containers.

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Ceramic Canister Set For Coffee Tea Sugar

She always serves dessert with tea and coffee, so she'll appreciate a pretty stack to set out for guests. 

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Leather Reversible Large Tote

This stylish leather tote bag is reversible and designed to work for her — from a pocket for her phone to space for her spectacles.

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My Life Story So Far Book

She's at that time in her life where she's the beacon of family stories, and you want to hear them all. 


Whale Magnetic Photo or Memo Holder

For ladies who love a coastal style (or dream of being at the beach), here's a simple photo holder for her latest snap of the grandkids. 

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Ravioli Rolling Pin

Because when you're a woman of a certain age, you can make anything from scratch — even rolling out fresh ravioli. 


Personalized Maple Cutting Board

The cutting board will be useful, but it's the message you add that will really matter to her. 


Wood Perpetual Calendar

The days may move faster, but she'll keep up easier with this perpetual calendar.   

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Wicked Witch Bookmark

  She saw the Wizard of Oz when it first debuted, and she still loves the story. This bookmark is sure to crash on the best gift list. 

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My Family Cookbook

Give her a gift that will be a gift to the whole family (once she shares how she makes those meatballs!).


Produce Washing Bowl

Catch her up on modern kitchen conveniences to make food prep even easier — like a fast way to wash produce. 


EZ Off Jar Opener

Let's face it. Opening jars can be tough (no matter your age!), and she'll definitely appreciate a little support. 


A Manual for Cleaning Women Book

If you're looking for a book that shows her women with wit and grace, here's a bestseller she won't put down. 

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Ceramic Scone Pan

She's got the patience (and time) to master how to bake a perfect scone. 

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Donut Push Pin Holder

For women of a certain age who know their way around a sewing needle, here's a sweet must-have gift. 

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Dressing Infuser

You've learned all your simple cooking tricks from her — including how the best way to finish a salad is with your own dressing. 


For Feeling Pretty

Silk Gradient Scarf

No one wears pink better, and you know women of a certain age love silky scarves to accessorize. 

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Convertible Round Crossbody Bag

It's old-meets-new with a circle-shaped bag that feels like her — but is oh-so-modern in petal pink and sustainable vegan faux leather. 

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Reading Glasses Case

It'll be easier to find those reading glasses when they're stashed inside a sparkly case. 

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Fine Soap Tin Collection

Some things never change, like how she'll always choose soap over shower gel. 

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray

Shower her with a gift that lets her smell like sun and daisies. 


Kate Spade Thermal Mug

The possibilities are endless with this floral thermal mug that's just her style. She can takeaway her favorite drink, from a hibiscus tea to a chai latté. 

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Whipped Body Butter

She'll never treat herself to a luxe body butter. That's why you should. 

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Cashmere Scarf

Because women of a certain age tend to run cold, and it's always a good time to give a pretty cashmere scarf. 


Jasmine Body Lotion

Lotion feels like a gift when it's packaged this pretty — and feels oh-so-luxe. 

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Ceramic Salad Bowl

She's lived long enough to know that serving dishes are an easy way to upgrade the look of any dish — even a humble salad. 

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A Tea Lover's Gift Set

She's always preferred tea, and this pretty gift set gives her 9 fine varieties to sip on.

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Mason Jar Ceramic Spoon Rest

Because she loved Mason jars long before they became cool. 

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Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

You don't want her reaching out of the tub for what she needs —  and this bathtub caddy keeps her focusing on relaxing among the bubbles. 

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Seaside Wood Plank Collage Frame

She'll appreciate a sweet frame that lets her hang up a collage of favorite family snaps.

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For Some Fun

Apple Pie Baking Gift Set

With this gift, you may be catering to your craving for her sweet apple pie. But no matter, she'll appreciate this fun set that includes a unique ceramic pie dish. 

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Floral Leather Suitcase

This suitcase captures her spirit with its vintage, floral style. And you can be sure it will stand out in a crowd (just like her.)

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Elements Truffles Peppermint Chocolate Bars

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a delightful, artisanal chocolate bar. She's had a sweet tooth her whole life. 

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Hot and Cold Soapstone Serving Platter

She thrives on making food for the ones she loves. Give her a handy platter to add to the table. 


Wooden Wine Box

Because the best way to celebrate a golden anniversary is with her favorite bottle of vino — in a keepsake box she'll cherish. 


Tea from Around the World Set

No one loves tea more than her, and she'll appreciate trying new varieties. 


Wine Pearls

Pearls naturally connect with women of this generation. She'll appreciate using these modern pearls to chill her white wine in no time.  


Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

This bestselling memoir includes illustrated recipes, and taps into the emotional connection to food and cooking. Because at her age, she knows special foods create ritual in a family. 

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Lunch & Dinner Cruises

Because she deserves a day to cruise around in style — and she'll love the chance to share a meal with you. 


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May 6, 2017


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