Boom! Here are the Best Red, White, and Blue Gifts to Give

There are three colors that spell summer with a boom: the classic red, white, and blue. When you're searching around for a summer gift for a host/hostess (especially if you're being hosted in July), start with this patriotic color palette. It’s summertime, and we know you want to get back out in the sunshine. So we put together this curated, colorful list of hostess gifts to give during the sultry days of summer.

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Stars and Stripes

American Flag Watercolor

This beautiful watercolor print of the American flag feels modern, yet could work with most any home design style. 


Stars and Stripes Beach Ball

Your lawn just turned into a star-spangled game of catch with these 20-inch red, white, and blue vinyl beach balls.

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Patriotic Table Banner

For a modern twist on red-white-and-blue, this table banner uses softer versions of red-white-and-blue (think deep turquoise rather than royal blue). It's the perfect gift for the millennial hostess. 


Star & Stripes Tablecloth

A quality cotton tablecloth in stars and stripes will turn the table into a patriotric celebration. 

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American Flag Blanket

Here's a pretty gift to dress up the sofa in a blanket of red, white, and blue. 


Americana Serving Platter

Because the best way to serve up appetizers for a summer party is on an Americana platter that feels festive. 


Vintage USA Flag Cufflinks

Don't be surprised if these vintage flag cufflinks become his new mainstay. 


Set of 6 Patriotic Pool Swim Noodles

For kids and grownups alike, these patriotic swim noodles add red, white, and blue to dips in the pool.

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Painted Flag Glass Cutting Board

You're giving more than a piece of charming Americana décor — this is actually a functional glass cutting board (perfect for slicing up summer fruits.)

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White & Blue Stars Electric String Lights

Indoors or out, these stars shine bright — deep in the heart of a summer party.

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Personalized Pie Plate with Flag

From peach to oh-so-American cherry pie, summertime is pie season. All the more reason to give her a personalized red-white-and-blue pie plate. 


Upcycled Bike Chain USA Flag

Imagine old bike chains being upcycled and turned into this flag piece for a red-white-and-blue display. So rad!


American Flag Car Grille

Give him a flag for his car that won't tear or fly away, but rides around in patriotic style. 


President Block Set

Here's the perfect toddler gift that takes a basic toy (wooden building blocks) and turns them into a learning tool about the country's Presidents. 


American Flag Lapel Pin

Here's the gift to give any guy who still wears a suit (or suit jacket) for work or date nights. 


American Flag Personalized Photo Tote Bag

She'll appreciate the personalized tote bag that also shows her love of the USA. 


Patriotic Inflatable Buffet Cooler

Stars and stripes are blown up bright, so there's an instant tray of party food for all.

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Flag Colors Striped Floppy Wide Brim Hat

She'll be styling this summer with a wide-brimmed hat that looks cool in red, white, and blue (and saves her from turning lobster red in the sun!).   

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Personalized American Pride Coffee Mug

If you're stumped on a gift, here's a personalized gift that proclaims pride in being a parent in the good 'ole USA. 


Cannabis Americana

Here's a tongue-in-cheek gift for the guy who celebrates Cannabis and its American roots.  


America the Beautiful Snack Gift Box

Consider this a box full of snack swag — all the best American treats we've grown up with, from Planters peanuts to Oreos. 


Red, White, and Blue

Giant Popsicle Pool Float

After the American flag, the other iconic American symbol of red, white, and blue is the classic 3-flavor ice pop. Here's a float for chilling out in the water all summer. 

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Red, White, and Blue Gingham Checks Dinner Napkins

These cotton napkins make any dinner party feel special, even if it's simply a casual get-together out on the patio. 

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Nautical Rope Door Mat

It's not simply the red, white, and blue colors that make this doormat a classic American gift. This doormat is handwoven with nautical rope that Maine fishermen use with their lobster traps. What a catch! 

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Blue/White/Red Pool Volleyball

Volleyball is the perfect game for the backyard or beach when you want to soak up the sun. And this vibrant ball in red, white, and blue will be easy to spot.

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Tommy Bahama Folding Beach Chair (Red White & Blue Stripe)

Quality beach chairs are worth it. This red-white-and-blue deluxe beach chair won't rust, reclines many ways, and it's decked out with storage solutions for your gear. 

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Star Spangled Silk Knot Cufflinks

These silk knot cufflinks will look smart on your gentleman — with colors that add a twist of American spirit. 


Racerback One Piece Swimsuit Swimwear Red-White-Blue

Here's a swimsuit that's super flattering and shows her stripes in red, white, and blue. 

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Pendleton Brave Star Blanket Red/White/Blue

Pendleton is an American maker of quality wool blankets. And their interpretation of the American flag, here, stitches tradition and modern design together in style. 

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Hanging Paper Fan Decoration red/blue/white

With a dozen red, white, and blue paper fans dangling from up high, wherever you are will feel like a stylish summer party. 

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Glow Stick Glow Bracelets - Red/White/Blue Mix

Nothing beats the subtle light of glow stick bracelets on a summer night — accessorizing in red, white, and blue.

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Summer & Picnic Tablecloth, 60 x 120

Get your gingham on with a washable summer tablecloth perfect for any summer soirée. 

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Sweatband Set, Red/White/Blue

Working out never looked so patriotic. Here are sweatbands in red, white, and blue glory.

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Patriotic Tutu Red/Blue/White

For a couple years, some girls prefer tutus for all occasions. And that includes summer parties where she can twirl in red, white, and blue.

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Greenland Home Quilted Throw

Red, white, and blue stripes are not just patriotic — they also feel classic and timeless. Here's the perfect quilt for a home that captures that nautical style.

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Landmark Scarf: The Golden Gate Bridge

Here's an artsy scarf for her that depicts an American landmark she loves — the Golden Gate bridge. 


Seafarer Gulls Guest Towel, Red/White/Blue

The perfect party napkins for a summer soiree start with a nautical theme in red, white, and blue. 

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Red White and Blue Pride Personalized T-Shirt

Give him a T-shirt that shows off his pride in a stream of red, white, and blue. 


Patriotic Stripes Monogram Cooler

Give them a red-white-and-blue cooler personalized with the family's name as a practical gift for beating the summer heat. 


Jr. Astronaut Back Pack

Because the best gift you can give a kiddo is anything that imagines jetting into outerspace. Bonus: this functional backpack is not just for pretend play.  


Personalized Patriotic Yard Stakes

For a group gift, look no further than a sign that welcomes summer — and anyone coming for a visit. 


America & Canada Embroidered Pillows

Your destination to a perfect gift starts with a map pillow embroidered with American icons. Because it's 'Merica, friends. 


Personalized Patriotic Dog Bowl

Dogs may not be able to see the same colors as humans, but you'll enjoy seeing a cool dog bowl in bold red, white, and blue. 


Personalized Live Laugh Love Stars Doormat

Welcome guests with a doormat that sends a message in red, white, and blue. 


Patriotic Reds

Red White Blue Popsicle T-Shirt

Here's the must-have T-shirt that's a pop of red, white, and blue to celebrate summer chillin'. 

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Maxwell and Williams Red 2-Tier Cake Stand

From sweets to snacks, a red-and-white polka dot cake stand makes for a festive display at any summer bash.

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Constitution Tie

Scrolling down this special tie is the script of the American Constitution — talk about a power tie that makes a statement. 


Scuba Divers Cufflinks

If he's a daredevil who loves to scuba dive on his vacation time, give him a symbolic set of cufflinks for wearing on land. 


Cabana Terry Beach Towel, Red / White,

Absorbent, soft, cabana-style beach towels in classic red-and-white stripes make the perfect gift for your hostess.

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Football Fanatic Sports Gift Basket

Here's an all-American gift that's put together in one pass for you. In a red basket, he'll find a mix of treats perfect for kicking back to watch some football. 


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Jun 8, 2017


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