Rad Gift Ideas that are as Cool as He Is

You’re on the hunt for gifts that get the cool-approval by guys. And you’re smart in realizing that’s no easy task and that you need some help. Most go into this gift hunt and come up empty-handed. Or worse, choose so-called cool gifts for guys that are anything but cool. (Rookie mistake!) So here’s how to channel the mind of a cool guy with gifts that are sure to get his approval.

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Play to his Active Side

Light Up Hoodies

If he likes to bike or go for a run in the evening, this light-up hoodie is a safety pick (besides being cool).

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BallPark Seat Pens

Antique shops may not be his jam, but salvage ballpark seats turned into everyday rollerball pens — that’s a score for him.


Tandem Skydiving

With a simple point and click, you can give him a gift that’s a biggie on his bucket list.


Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

If hearing that he’s bored is driving you up the wall, give your teen a remote-controlled car that can actually climb the wall.

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Personal Portable Padded Bleacher Seat

He can flip this handy seat to be a cushion or a full-fledged seat — because sitting on bleachers for hours is for teenagers.


Personalized Football Travel Mug

When it’s not game day, a cup of ‘jo gives him a good rush of energy.


Parrot Swing + Flypad

No more doing loops to find the perfect gift for him — he’ll take this fly gift and start high-speed racing with friends the same day.

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Personal Water Filter

Give him a straw that will filter a year’s worth of drinking water — perfect for the constant traveler.


Live Event Camera

Next time he’s at a live event, show, or game, he’ll be able to zoom, pan, and cut videos with this rad camera.

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Discovery Drone

Drones aren’t going away — and neither is his fascination with cool gadgets.

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Give Him the Good Stuff

Adjustable Ratchet Belts

Handsome and smooth — these belts sound like a charming guy you know.


Stainless Steel Wallet

He’s sure to geek out over this steel bi-fold wallet that’s designed super thin, thanks to materials used in aerospace.


Personalized BBQ Branding Iron

He likes to add that final polish to everything he does, so give him a way to make his grilled steaks look fine.


Bacon of the Month Club

Because the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and nothing beats bacon.


Carry-On Size Smart Luggage

Because even luggage has rolled into the digital age with smart features like charging ports and GPS tracking.

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Jerky of the Month Club

Who knows why guys seem to have this attraction to jerky — but it sure makes gift shopping easier on your end.


Multi-Functional Pocket Tools

Somehow this American-made tool does it all – from screwing screws to acting as a phone stand (and of course, opening bottles of his brew).


Amazon Echo

The way we listen to music is constantly changing — like the Amazon Echo — but what’s stayed true is music-themed gifts are still considered cool.

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Give Him a Reason to Smile

Funny Prescription Beer Mugs

Just what the doctor ordered, his favorite craft brew in a fun mug.


Meat Handler and Shredder

Let him claw into meat to make some quality homemade barbecue.


Minimalist Key Organizer

He likes to travel light, so give him a handy organizer for the keys — and now may be a sweet time to give him yours.


1 Acre of Land on the Moon

He’s given you the stars, so why not give him a spot on the moon.


It’s Not Me It’s You Tee Shirt

This funny tee shirt is a little bit snarky, just like a guy you know.


Custom Stuffed Animal of People or Pets

He jokes about needing a clone of himself in order to get everything done...so give him one of these custom look-a-likes made from a photo for a good laugh.


Design Your Own Personalized Picture Frame

When you can’t think of the perfect gift, sometimes the coolest idea is to create your own.


Razor Blade Sharpener

He’ll love that this razor sharpener helps him get a close shave, and you’ll love that it saves on waste (less razors tossed out and less money wasted).


Smartphone Powered VR Headset

Let him adventure into the world of hi-tech virtual reality 3-D concerts, games, and new worlds – sounds right up his geeky alley.


F Bomb Paperweight

No one delivers an F bomb like him, and no one will appreciate this gag gift more than him, either.


3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set

This printing pen makes 3D art easy — doodling has never been so fun or sculptural!

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AntiTheft Laptop Backpack

Even grownup guys love hidden compartments, and this backpack makes it easier to travel and keep your essentials safe.

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I like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie BBQ Bacon Adult Apron

We’re not responsible if he breaks into song after receiving this funny apron.


Thumb Piano

He wouldn’t buy a thumb piano for himself, but he’ll surely be tickled you thought of it.


.50 Caliber Bottle Opener

This fierce bottle opener is made in a cool way — from once fired brass collected from U.S. military installations — and even cooler, your purchase gives back to military veterans.


Das Horn: 24 oz Drinking Vessel

Nailed it — just the kind of absurd drinking vessel he’d use in good fun.


Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

If hockey is his game, this one-of-a-kind bottle opener is well worth the splurge.


What I Love About You By Me Book

Don’t let the other guys know he’s actually a softie under it all — and will love this special book by you.


Around the World Beer Bucket

His idea of a dream gift basket: a steel bucket filled with 6 international beers, along with some tasty snacks.


Classic Beer Holster

Give him this fun beer holster and he may hold you up for a good time.

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Ask Me About My TRex Funny Shirt

If his middle name is Silly, this shirt will be a roaring hit.

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Ticket Stub Diary

Go the extra mile, and give him this ticket stub diary filled with tickets of places you two have been together.


Name A Star

Does he have a cool nickname everyone's been calling him since middle school? Time to make him the star he is.


Kauffman Stadium Blueprint Style Print (Unframed, 18

Next to season tickets, this classic blueprint is the coolest gift for your baseball fan.

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Home Is Where the Pants Aren't Funny Type Pillow

Here's the perfect gift for the guy who thinks pants (and underwear) is optional.


UGG Men's Ascot Slipper, Chestnut, 10 M US

You're not psychic, but you do know he really needs a quality pair of slippers. That's some cool intuition.

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Personalized Romance Novel English Encounters

Sometimes going a little racey is the way to sound cool.


Looking to focus in on cool gift ideas for him? Then consider what he likes! Here are gift ideas for guys who like sports, men who barbecue, and guys who love adventure (and experiencing new things). 

Feb 22, 2017


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