Gifts to Give Your Daughter With Love From Mom

You have an important person to shop for, and this to-do cannot be outsourced. You're looking for a standout gift for your daughter! Here's the thing about shopping for your daughter. She doesn't fit into any box (she's special), she knows what she likes (it's daunting), and she gives the best smile when you get it right (the reward is big). So here's your gift list to uncover the best gifts for your daughter — and get the smile you're hoping for.

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All About Beauty

Kate Spade Pendant Necklace

There's one letter that is golden in your book, and that's your daughter's initial to her name. 

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Eat Pretty Every Day Book

They say you are what you eat, and this breakout-hit book shares 365 bite-size readings on how to bring beauty nutrition to the everyday. Because your daughter loves to learn the secrets of living better. 

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Spa Tower

You may not be able to choose her lipstick (lipstain? lipgloss?) color, but you do know that a great set of spa goodies will be well-received. 


Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

She got you into terrariums and succulents, and now you can kindly one-up-her with a living wall of greenery. 


Personalized Initial Necklace

With this personalized necklace, she can wear her initial — plus initial charms for her husband and kiddos. 


Glass Tea Light Candle Holders Set

Your daughter loves to set a pretty table (she's a great party host), and this set of glass tea lights will add a pretty glow as an instant centerpiece. 

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Gold Pebble Heart Necklace

This circle is complete with a heart inside. Reminds you of a daughter you know who completed your world when you first saw her eyes. 


Polka Dot Glasses

Because you're never too old for polka dots or rainbows — and she's not one to serve paper cups at a party. 

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Circle of Love Necklace

Every daughter needs a sweet reminder that she's loved. 


Travel Toiletry Bag

Because you're always looking for little ways to remind her that she's beautiful. 

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Genuine Opal & Diamond Ring

If she's not just your daughter, but also your friend (and you really know one another's style) — then give her a geniune gem of a ring that captures the simple beauty she is.

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Jasmine Shower Oil

For the daughter who battles dry skin, this shower oil is packaged pretty to feel like a real indulgence. And its essential oils will deeply moisturize her skin.

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All About Being Useful

Gardening Tool Set

She'll appreciate a set of pretty tools to tend to her new flowerbeds. 

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Green Tin Post Box

For the daughter who is starting the next chapter as a homeowner, here's a tin post box that channels her love of vintage accents. 

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State Slate Cheese Boards

Your daughter prefers stinky cheese over cake any day, and these cheese boards are fun and feel oh-so-modern in slate. 


Felted Soap

If you're feeling a little unsteady about what she'd like, keep it simple and steer clear of something personal. Go with a beautiful, useful gift pick — like these gorgeous felted soap. 


Portable Photo Printer

She's always been the historian of the family, so give your daughter a photo printer she can bring along with her — for instant Instagram prints. 


Kobenstyle Saucepan

This retro modern saucepan feels just as saucy as your daughter. Its wood handle is not only pretty — it also stays cool to make cooking even easier. 

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Berry Bowl

Your daughter likes well-made beautiful tools for her kitchen. Bring on the summer berries!


Marble MacBook Air Cover

She's always been a firm Mac-over-PC girl. And while you can't give her the marble kitchen counter of her dreams, you can help her keep her prized laptop looking good.

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Beverage Dispenser Jar

With this gift, you're giving her space from serving everyone else . That's right, guests can serve themselves at gatherings — even the kiddos can get themselves water when they feel thirsty. Hallelujah! 

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Library Card Tote Bag

Give her this special tote along with a note that one of your favorite memories is going to the library together, when she was a child. Now she shares that ritual with her kids.  


Egg Shop: The Cookbook

She's always been a big fan of breakfast, and this book shares how to make some amazing protein-packed, egg-tastic meals.

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Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

You've heard her talk about pink Himalayan sea salt, so you know gourmet salts are a thing. She'll appreciate knowing you listened.

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Metal Bird Perpetual Calendar

Planners and calendar phone apps should be left to her choice. But this perpetual calendar is ever-useful and pairs perfectly with a note that you'll love her to the end of time.

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Cooking Guidelines Apron

She really wants to follow your footsteps in cooking (and ad-libbing recipes), but she could use some guidance on the measurements. 


Birds Glasses

Because you've noticed your daughter loves whimsical patterns, and this modern set of glasses feels fun for her kitchen. 

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Small Victories Recipe Book

The biggie chefs, like Ina Garten, are even talking about this cookbook, which makes homecooking feel less intimidating. Consider it a small victory that this cookbook is one you'll both want to use.

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Inflatable Solar Lantern

Because the best accessory for her new deck is a set of inflatable solar lanterns to keep the fun going, even when the moon is out. 


Walnut Phone Amplifier

Give your daughter a way to turn up the volume on her Pandora. You may not agree on music, but you'll both agree this is a perfect gift for her. 


Globe String Lights

Because she's always loved twinkle lights, and now she can set up her deck space with a festive flair — perfect for outdoor parties.     

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Herb Keeper

She doesn't have the space (or time) to tend to her own herb garden. So give her the next best thing to upgrade Taco Tuesday with fresh cilantro. 


Popcorn Gift Set

The best gift to give is one you know she'll use right away, and that's certainly the case with this yummy popcorn sampler. 

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LED Lite Up Leash

You'll always think on little ways to keep your daughter safe (even as a grownup), and this glowing leash is perfect for her evening dog walks. 


Compact Folding Hair Dryer

For the daughter who travels often, this compact hair dryer will save her from bad hair days. 

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Fast-Dry Towels

Here's a simple solution to make her days by the beach, lake, or pool even better. Because no one likes to hang out on damp towels. 


Universal Charging Station & Accessories

Don't overlook the power of a spot-on utilitarian gift for her. After all, she's keeping track of a lot of devices these days. 


All About Sparking Her Smile

Favorite Child Mug

Because you share a special relationship — and a lighthearted, sarcastic sense of humor. 

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Watermelon Door Mat

Give her a fun mat that welcomes the start of warm weather. She'll appreciate a slice of summer at her door. 

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Wanderlust Cross Stitch Map

She's always had a case of wanderlust. So give her a way to start mapping out her dream must-see places. 


Living Out Loud Book

Because your daughter is anything but a quiet introvert. This book celebrates her natural way of living out loud.

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Ice Cream of the Month Club

You can't be there to try and make every bad day better for her. But you can keep her freezer stocked with her favorite pick-me-up — ice cream. 


'But First Coffee' Thermal Mug,

You don't know where your daughter finds the energy to do all that she does. You do know coffee is involved, though.

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Wooden Cheese Picks

Because she loves little upgrades, and these fancy wooden cheese picks are definitely going to up her hostess game. 


My Heart Within Yours Necklace

This delicate, pretty heart necklace shows her how you really feel. 


Redwood Forest Bonsai Box

Your earth-loving daughter will be happy when she sees you gave her a gift that symbolizes her love of nature. 

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Literary Candles

She loves to read, and she knows her literary classics. So she's sure to light up when she sees these special candles. 


Adventure Gifts

From the time she started walking, your daughter has always been up for adventure. Book an experience you two can share. 


Personalized Mapkins

She's settled down in a location she just loves, so give her personalized Mapkins that celebrate where she calls home. 


My Daughter, My Heart Necklace

It's okay to be a little schmoopy with the daughter who melts your heart. 


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May 6, 2017


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