Perfect Timing! 15th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Since that 10th anniversary milestone, you may have been able to get away with last-minute anniversary gifts. But your 15th anniversary is a big one ao you really need to wow your wife. Here are a couple things to keep in mind with 15th anniversary gifts for your wife. On the traditional side, crystal and watch gifts are symbolic for 15 years of marital bliss. On the non-traditional side, just show her you love her and make it a gift that brings out her sparkle. Here's a complete guide to nailing this anniversary.

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Crystal Sparkle

Waterford Sparkle Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Give her double old-fashioned tumblers that truly sparkle — thanks to the crystal cuts (imitating starlight) in these Waterford glasses.

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Ruby Crystal Talisman Ring

She's rare — like a ruby — and she'll love this special ruby crystal ring. 


Druzy Chevron Necklace

If your honey loves jewelry that makes a statement, then this is the crystal-themed gift for her. This Druzy Chevron necklace is a doozy of sparkle!


Engraved Crystal Champagne Flutes

Toast to where you've been and what's ahead for you, together. Just add some bubbly for these crystal flutes. 


Emerald Crystal Ring

You know you've picked a good gift for your wife when her friends will be green with envy. This emerald crystal ring will do just that. 


Wrapped Crystal Bar Earrings

She loves to wear a little sparkle in her ears, so give her a shiny set of earrings for this crystal anniversary. 


Crystal Ring Holder Dish

Your sweetheart could use a fancy place for all her gems. Don't forget to add a sparkly new ring on the dish, too. 


Personalized Champagne Flute

A pretty set of personalized flutes makes a traditional way to ring in the anniversary with her. 


Hand-Wrapped Herkimer Diamond Necklace

With this stunning necklace, she'll be dripping in crystal diamond sparkle. 


Hidden Crystal Candle

Plan a romantic evening at home. Give her these crystal candles for ambience. And as the candles burn, they'll reveal hidden crystals. 


Wire-Wrapped Herkimer Diamond Earrings

Wrap up the perfect gift for your sweetheart with sparkly earrings that will light up her face. 


Watch What to Get Her

Floral Wood Watch

A watch is the tradition for a 15th anniversary gift — and flowers are good for her anytime. So here's a watch that ties it all up in one pretty gift. 


1Face: Watch for a Cause

Follow tradition by giving her a watch for your 15th anniversary. Follow her style by choosing a modern watch that gives back to a good cause (two things she loves.) 


Moon Watch

Set her happy meter in orbit with a 15th anniversary gift that lets her know you're still over the moon for her. 


The Sands of Time Watch

Time has flown since you got married (always a good sign), so give her a watch that represents the sands of time. 


Colorevolution Watch

You can choose the tradition of a watch for her 15th anniversary gift, but that doesn't mean you have to choose a traditional watch. This modern, colorblock watch is just right for her. 


Rainbows and Romance

Rainbow of Possibilities Necklace

You've done a lot in 15 years, but you have a rainbow of possibilities of what lies ahead. 


Diptyque Roses Candle

She'll notice the difference with this luxury candle that sparks a sweet scent of roses and can burn for 60 hours strong.

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Bullseye Suncatcher

Give her a gift that represents sunshine and rainbows ahead on your horizon. 


Rainbow Candy Dish Bowl

Fill up a pretty bowl with her absolute favorite treat. It's the perfect way to kick off an anniversary. 


Rose Gold Plated Moonstone Flower Ring

She's sure to be over the moon about this super pretty rose-gold-plated flower ring (filled with moonstones). 


Love Equation Necklace

This modern necklace adds up to the right formula for her anniversary gift.


Double Rainbow Maker

Because she's always looking for rainbows, and you want to make her wishes come true. 


Personalized Love Birch Cuff

Personalize this golden cuff with her initials, plus yours — since you're as smitten with each other as when you were a young pair k-i-s-s-i-n-g. 


Gold Plated Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

Because you've been over the moon about your sweetheart since day one. This anniversary is the year to show her just how you feel. 


Personalized Birch Bark Necklace

Your love is still going strong and it's standing the test of time, much like a solid birch tree. 


Grow Old With You Terrarium

She's still the same spunky, creative sweetheart — who you want to grow old with. This terrarium feels just her style. 


Personalized Couple Art

Stitched in love, this sweet piece of art is almost as adorable as your wife. 


Neon Love Infinity Art

You'll love her till infinity, and she's been the biggest bright spot in your life. Here's a gift that symbolizes it all. 


Printable Fortune Cookies

Surprise her with good fortunes, written from the heart. 

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Color Wheel Stick Umbrella

Brighten her everyday with this rainbow umbrella. You can include a note that she adds a colorful outlook to stormy times. 


Date Night Bucket List

Because after all these years, you both could use some fresh ideas on what to do for date night. 


Heart Vases

Surprise your wife with flowers in the shape of a chic heart vase and one blooming rose, sunflower, or lush peony. 


Heart Book Box

Here's the perfect way to package up that piece of jewelry for her. Heart marks the spot. 


Go Where Love Grows Wall Art

Give her a sweet piece of art that reminds her to follow the path of love. 


Chakra Gemstone Necklace

Give her a gemstone necklace that will channel a rainbow of good energy everytime she wears it. 


Personalized Definition of Love Canvas

Give her an art piece that displays your personalized definition of love, because your love is one-of-a-kind. 


Glass Globe of Love Necklace

No doubt, your anniversary is the perfect time to give her a special heart necklace and choose the sentimental path of gift-giving.  


Anniversary Wine Box

Wine for an anniversary should not be presented in a paper bag. Here's a wood box that will seal up your gift as thoughtful and sweet. 


What She Loves Most

Willow Picnic Basket for Two

Surprise your sweetheart with a readymade picnic, and a new basket for two to dine alfresco. You can start a new tradition!

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MIU MIU Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

This designer perfume includes notes of soft, fresh, earthy scents. Sounds like your better half. 

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Rosé Champagne With Gift Box

Her drink of choice is rosé, and this anniversary is the time to celebrate with a special bottle of bubbly. 

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Nespresso Espresso Maker

She's been complaining about the cost of coffeeshops, but she loves a fine cup of coffee. With this espresso maker, there's a strong chance you'll make her mornings better. 

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Women's Elegant Silk Sleep Shirt

Because there's nothing more sexy than your wife in a silky sleep shirt. This gift  does not need translation. 

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Kate Spade: Places to go, People to see Book

The travel tips, photography, and quotes in this whimsical book will inspire your favorite travel companion. Now's the time to book your next trip together.

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We Have Chemistry Terrarium

Sometimes it's important to find an anniversary gift that speaks to your chemistry together. 


Personalized Songbird Vase

Here's a vase that's sweet, modern, and personalized — simply add flowers. 


Cowshed Soothing Bath & Body Oil

This luxe, soothing bath oil can actually be used for massage — the perfect way to end an anniversary together. 

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Personalized Mixtape Doormat

Set her up for a smile with this anniversary gift that reminds her where it all began — making mix tapes for your love.   


Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

Flowers are an instant pick-me-up — and feel extra fancy when arranged in a champagne bottle vase. 


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Jun 20, 2017


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