Stylish and Creative Gift Ideas to Make Mom's Day

Let’s hear it for all the mothers, moms, mamas, and those who hear “Mommy” about 20 times before the first sip of morning coffee. Being a mom is surely one of the most rewarding, fulfilling — and most thankless jobs — on the planet. Thankfully, Mother’s Day rolls around once a year to shower Mom with a whole lot of love. While these creative gifts may not make up for the 365 days of lunches packed with loving care, you can still thank Mom with a well-thought-out gift.

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Pamper Her

Ceramic Vase

Rather than a generic bouquet of flowers, think about what's more her style. Put one standout flower — like a blushing pink peony — inside a sweet ceramic bud vase and watch her reaction bloom.

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Organic Apothecary Rose Soap

You knew Mom would love the wild rose scent of this apothecary soap — but she'll also appreciate how it's made in small batches by artisans up in the Hudson Valley.

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Duck Bag Canvas Tote in Sailor Stripe

Moms need tote bags that are durable — and work in all kinds of situations. With its handles and adjustable strap, she can carry this tote over her shoulder, or hold it in one hand while she carries the baby.

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LemLem Cotton Sarong

This gauzy cotton sarong by designer LemLem makes modesty look ever so stylish.

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World's Greatest Mom Wine Box

Today's the day to put an official stamp on how much you truly appreciate Mom — then uncork her favorite wine and toast to her!


Crochet Panama Hat

Because every mama needs a stylin' Panama hat for chasing kids around in the sunshine.

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Fox Warming Neck Pillow

Mom's always complaining of aches and pains, so warm her neck (and her heart) with a cutie warming pillow.

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Dinner of the Month Club

Give her the one thing every mother wants: a day off from thinking about what's for dinner.


Personalized Stacking Disc Necklace

Whether she's a new mom or an empty nester, she'll love this simple necklace that stacks up her kids' names and birthdates — to keep close to her heart.


Wine & Beer Experiences

What she really wants is a day of good fun with you and some wine or beer (be sure to book the babysitter.)


Unique Gift to Cheer Them Up

Some days are harder than others for moms, but you can make any day a little more cheerful with simple reminders that's she's loved.


Tea of the Month Club

She's always been in the tea-over-coffee camp, and here's a way for her to explore more varieties than what's in the grocery aisle.


Upgrade Her Everyday

African Handwoven Tote Bag

This handwoven basket speaks to her love of beautiful natural pieces — and it's the perfect companion for spontaneous picnics.

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Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box

Mom needs a pretty box, since she holds all the family secret recipes (including that peanut-butter swirl cookie recipe you're hoping she'll share with you!).

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Leather Wallet

The time has come to upgrade Mom's wallet (which is barely holding it together), so go for a sure bet with this leather wallet that's fully functional for her and has that broken-in, vintage style.

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French Tea Pot

Give your tea lover the gift of time. With this microwaveable teapot, Mom no longer needs to wait for the kettle to boil and then wait again for the tea to steep. It's so much faster, and it works for loose, bagged, or blooming tea!

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Vermont Weather Station

Because anyone who follows the weather like Mom needs a fancy weather station for their home.

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Mason Jar Measuring Cups

Here's something both you and Mom can agree on — these Mason jar measuring cups are darn cute.

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Smeg 2-Slice Toaster

You want to give Mom the best of the the best, so consider this steel Smeg appliance the Rolls Royce of toasters. Bonus: she'll find the color super charming.

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Modern Sprout Seed Starter Kit, Kitchen

You know Mom has a green thumb, and this eco seed starter kit comes packaged together in Weck jelly jars for a gift that feels so her.

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Tulip Doormat

She loves to re-decorate for the seasons, and this tulip doormat makes over her home's entrance for spring.

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Weekender Duffel Bag

Surprise her with a one-of-a-kind duffel bag made out of repurposed billboard vinyl — because there's no one else like her.

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Handmade Walnut Yarn Bowl and Knitting Bag

Mom's always surprising you (or your kids) with handknit hats and mittens, so give her a proper yarn bowl and bag for her next knitting creation.

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Mason Pierson Hair Brush

Give her something she would never, ever, in a million years splurge on — a hair brush that exfoliates the scalp and stimulates hair follicles and natural oils (meaning no more bad hair days). There's a reason this English-made brush hails a cult following.

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Glass Plant Terrarium with Stand

Place a few air plants inside this glass plant terrarium, and you'll be giving her a welcome, airy addition to her sweet home.

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Bread Bin

This powdercoated steel bread bin channels that cheerful turquoise color that Mom loves — and gives a place to stash morning bagels and baguettes.

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Salt and Pepper Shakers

She's upgraded to using Pink Himalayan sea salt and cracked black pepper, so she needs a fresh set of salt and pepper shakers for the table.

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Personal Embosser

Long before the dawn of Pinterest, Mom was a crafting mastermind, so give her a custom embosser that channels her inner crafty side.

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Portable Travel Safe

Mom is known to be wary of safety issues while traveling, so put her mind at ease with a portable travel safe.


Compact Mirror

Give your wife a reminder that even on those no-time-for shower, toddler-spilled-on-shirt kind of days, she's utterly gorgeous.


Personalized Wind Chimes

Grandmas (and your mom) naturally know how to unplug — hang some pretty wind chimes and take in a sunset on the porch.


Make Her Smile

Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera

Mom's not ready for a smartphone, so she needs an easy-to-snap digital camera to take photos of the grandkids.

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HandStamped Name Necklace

She's the proudest grandmother in all the land, so give her a necklace that shows off all of her grandchildren's names.

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Gardenista: The Definitive Guide to Stylish Outdoor Spaces

This gardening book is on all the best gift book lists — and for good reason. It gives her a complete manual to re-creating the look of amazing gardens in her own backyard.

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Kate Spade Sailor Knot Studs

Classic beauty is how you'd describe these gold sailor knot studs — and Mom.

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Cute Cat Portable Phone Charger

You know one self-proclaimed cat lady who will adore this phone charger.

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Kate Spade Clear Umbrella

Shower her with love and give her a whimsical gift based on a life lesson she taught you — always be prepared.

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20 Ways to Draw a Tulip

Long before she became a mom, she was a doodler. This sketchbook lets her creativity run wild with drawing — and it's something she can do alongside her kiddos.

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Zodiac Constellation Necklace

She's the kind of mama who has you wishing on stars, so give her a necklace that depicts her zodiac sign with glittery golden sparkles.

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What I Love About Mom By Me Book

Sentimental is the key to Mom's heart, and this special book will pull you all together so share some stories.


Personalize Pink Vintage Aged to Perfection Shirt

Give her a new Saturday shirt that won't take years to get that soft, worn-in feel.


Merlot Infused Coffee

Put together the two things she loves most (after all of you): wine and coffee.


Oil Painting Giclee from Photos

Old photos fade over time, so take one memorable snap of Mom and turn it into an oil painting as a special keepsake.


Sweet Peas in the Pod Necklace

For the Mom who's always called you sweet pea — or the woman who now has the sweetest baby you know.


Personalized Photo Wood Plaque

Think out-of-the-box with that photo gift idea — and go for a handmade wooden plaque based on a family snap.


Personalized Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets have a timeless appeal, especially for your mother.


My Life Story - So Far

Make this the year you record Nana's life story, so the stories can be shared and known for generations.


Design Your Own Custom Chefs Apron

She's one amazing home cook, so think of something funny — or sweet — to personalize an apron for Mom.


Personalized Wine Glass

Give her one special wine glass with a toast that she makes your life feel more than half full.


Personalized Love You Mom Frame

One failproof gift idea that's always makes her happy: a framed photo of the two of you.


If you're still thinking about what to give a mama in your life, then peek at these helpful guides. There are thoughtful gift ideas, cool gift ideas, and even gardening gift ideas for the mom who loves to be outside in her flower beds. 

Mar 23, 2017


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