What to Give That Rascal Brother of Yours, Sister

You and your brother are opposites in many ways. There's the obvious point (he's a boy and you're a girl.) Then there's how he’s into camping, and you love glamping. He loves a good steak, and you splurge on a coconut kale smoothie. What’s the trick when you're searching out gifts for someone who's not a whole lot like you? Focus on what makes him different! Here are gifts for your bro that are just in line with what he likes.

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His Funny Side

Hi I'm Mat Doormat

Simply his kind of humor. (And a practical gift, because you know your brother wouldn't think to buy himself a doormat.)

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Feed Me Pizza T-Shirt

Don't overthink a gift for your brother. He will love a shirt that speaks the truth.

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Color Changing Dino Mug

A color-changing dinosaur mug will even amuse your adulting brother (who relies on his morning coffee.)

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Funny Beer Quote Pint Glasses

He loves beer, and he loves a good laugh. These quotable pint glasses deliver a twofer as a gift.

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Breakfast of Champions Sweatshirt

Hard to say what he'll love more: the shirt's book reference or that one book is donated to a community in need for each shirt sold. 

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Plywood Playing Cards

Competitive gaming is a way to describe your brother's love of playing cards. 

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Guys' Socks Subscription

Because silly socks are perfect for your goofball brother. 


Personalized Amp Doormat

For the music maven brother, here's a doormat he'll be amped up to receive. 


Golf Club Personalized Beer Mug

Because his idea of a perfect Saturday begins with golf, and ends with beer. 


Glass Zipper Bag Candy Bowl

Don't forget to fill this fun bowl with his favorite candy of choice. 


His Rugged Style

Vintage Canvas Backpack

Because your brother is a backpack kind of dude — and he loves a gift that's practical and stylish, all rolled into one. 

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Pendleton Glacier National Park Full Blanket

Whether he uses it for his bed or his sofa, this classic Pendleton wool blanket channels his rugged natural style.  

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Beard Tonic Sampler Set

Your brother has never followed rules, including any cultural norm to shave. So here's a tonic for that unruly beard of his. 

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Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life

It's a New York Times bestseller and its title speaks to your brother — and his not-so-secret desire to figure out his life plan.

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Enamelware Coffee Mugs

Enamelware mugs stack up as the modern-meets-campy style that your bro loves. 

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Rubber AM/FM Radio

Here's a rad radio for your brother to listen to his tunes while he's out on the deck. 

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Jerky of the Month Club

Your brother may be a sweet softie at heart. But like any guy, he loves a salty piece of jerky. 


The Art of Shaving Kit

Brothers rely on sisters to keep them in the know on must-have products. So this kit is you simply doing your job — setting him up for the best shave possible. 


Natural Cork Bow Tie

Your brother has a bespoke quirky style that you love. And you know he'll actually wear this cork bow tie. 


Bike Bag 6 Pack Carrier

For the brother who bikes around town, here's a way for him to BYOB to the next party. 


Packable Outdoor Gear

For the outdoorsy brother, here's a use-anywhere blanket he can pack in his bag. 


His Favorite Things

Star Wars T-Shirt

Here's a cool, vintage-style tee for the brother who's always been a Star Wars fan. 

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Where to Eat Pizza Guide

You know your brother will ask this question wherever he goes. So give your pizza-loving bro the perfect guidebook. 

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YI Action Camera

Your brother is an active dude (he does not sit still!), so give him a rugged action camera to document his adventures. 

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360-Degree 3D-Sound Portable Speaker

For the brother who takes his music seriously — even a portable speaker needs to have quality surround sound. 

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Chocolate Bacon Candy Bars

For the brother who considers bacon to be another food group, here are candy bars that make the perfect combination of salty and sweet.  

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Performance Bike Lights

Because you know your brother bikes all around, and you want to help keep him riding safely. 


The Original Beer of the Month Club

Beer delivered straight to his door every month is a gift that will surely win you sister points. 


Evolution of Bicycles Pop Chart

Because he looks to you for help on how to decorate the blank walls in his bachelor pad. 


Pizza of the Month Club

Go with what he loves — and that's pizza, delivered to his door, so he doesn't have to do anything but enjoy it. 


Whiskey Wedge

He's not on the line about whiskey, rather, he's distinctly in the whiskey drinker category. 


Hot Sauce Challenge

Your brother has never met a hot sauce he didn't like (or couldn't tolerate) so give him a fun hot sauce challenge. 


Bike Seat Cover

Spruce up his favorite way to get around town (his bike). 


Glow-in-the-Dark Frisbee

Your fun-loving bro is always up for a game of frisbee golf with his crew — and this disc even glows in the dark!  

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SoberDough Beer Bread Kit

Your brother knows his way around the kitchen, and he'll appreciate a kit that helps him make delicious beer bread. 


Home Microbrewing Kit

You know your bro will set right to brewing when given the opportunity to make his own beer at home. 


What He Needs

Magnetic Belt with Buckle

This magnetic belt with buckle is a gift that's forgiving of the waistline. 

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Canvas Overnight Travel Bag

He'll appreciate the gift of getting organized, as this canvas bag sets him up with his laptop, clothes, and essentials for overnight trips. 

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Galaxy Graphic Hard Case + Keyboard Cover

This hard computer case and keyboard cover is out-of-this galaxy cool for the brother who works off his laptop everyday. 

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How to Boil an Egg: Poach One, Scramble One, Fry One, Bake One, Steam One

He loves a hearty breakfast. But you question whether your brother knows how to simply boil an egg. 

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Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Here's a simple solution to make ice balls that melt slowly, so your mixologist bro stirs together better tasting drinks. 

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Steak Markers Packet

Give him 500 stylish plastic steak markers to label the doneness of meats when he's grilling (to keep everyone happy). 

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Legends Of Aviation Commemorative Watch

For a brother who prefers a rugged everyday look, this aviation watch feels just like him. 


Personalized Glass Jug

Personalize a jug for the beer-loving bro who likes to take it easy on the weekend. 


Self-Chilling Beer Glasses

He'll appreciate self-chilling beer glasses — so he can stay in that comfy recliner and let the glass do the work. 


Bike Chain Luggage Tag

Quirky and cool are two ways you'd describe your bro — and this gift that's perfect for the avid biker. 


Money Clip & Credit Card Holder

Help him ditch that heavy, bulky wallet (hello, back aches!) with this stylishly simple money clip that also holds a few credit cards. 

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Get his feet wet on the concept of drones, with this affordable drone for the curious newbie. 


Solar Powered Charger & Light

He'll be ready for any disaster with this solar-powered charger and light that's a crank above the rest. 


Jumper Carry-On Luggage

He's not one for patiently waiting at baggage claim, so give your brother a useful piece of luggage that keeps him in carry-on-only status for short trips. 


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May 17, 2017


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