9 Amazing Gift Ideas for New Parents

New moms and dads need a lot of things, but while you can’t buy them more sleep or silence, there are other ways you can say congratulations and ease their transition into parenthood without pulling babysitting duty. These gift ideas for parents range from the sentimental to the silly, but one thing’s for sure — they’ll all be equally appreciated by new moms and dads.

Personalized Star Map

Personalized Star Map

Celebrate a new arrival with a star map that perfectly replicates the configuration of the sky the moment baby was born. Each poster is printed on thick, high-quality paper and can be personalized with a title and footnote, with space for the baby’s name, birthplace, and birthdate.

Teddy Bear of the Month Club

teddy Bear of the Month Club gift ideas for parents

What’s better than a gift that keeps on giving? The Teddy Bear of the Month Club delivers a new, seasonally themed bear every month for the duration of your membership. Choose from plans that range from three to twelve months, each includes free shipping, a gift announcement, and The Bear Essentials, a monthly newsletter for teddy bear lovers. This membership is a great way to build up baby’s very own stuffed animal collection.

Flexible Tablet Stand

flexible tablet stand

From moms dealing with cluster feeding, to dads who want to catch game highlights while rocking a fussy baby back to sleep, every new parent could use a helping hand. This Flexible Tablet Stand holds your favorite mobile device at the perfect height whether you’re lying down, sitting up, or pacing around the room with your newborn.

Baby Photo Canvas Print

baby photo canvas print gift ideas for parents

Turn a birth announcement into a work of art. Send in a photo of the newborn and you’ll get a gallery-wrapped, giclée-printed canvas in return. Personalize the 20” x 20” piece with a name and birthdate for an extra touch. If you’re shopping for gift ideas for parents who can barely look away from their pint-sized love, this is a real winner.

Personalized Child’s Name Book

personalized child's name book gift ideas for parents

Storytime is always fun, but it’s downright magical when there’s a personalized book to read and enjoy. This epic tome turns baby’s name into a creative tale with the adventure determined letter by letter. You can add a personal dedication too, so you’re always there in spirit whenever the whimsical tale begins.

iPhone Camera Lens Kit

iPhone camera lens kit gift ideas for parents

The birth of a new baby turns even the most technophobic parents into paparazzi, but it’s hard to balance a professional camera and a stroller. Luckily, there’s the iPhone Camera Lens Kit, which includes four lenses that enable the user to play with wide angles, panoramic views, fisheye distortion, and more. The set also includes a tripod for hands-free family photo moments and a telephoto lens to capture closeups without interrupting playtime.

Baby Personalized Snow Globe

baby personalized snow globe gift ideas for parents

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how lucky this baby’s new parents are — to have a friend like you! Especially after you give them this personalized snow globe complete with baby’s name and two lines of additional text. Inscribe baby’s birthdate or a sweet note that complements the nursery rhyme tune that plays when the turnkey is wound. It’s a musical masterpiece that will look lovely in the nursery, tucked onto a shelf, or perched in a place of honor on the dresser.

Pizza of the Month Club

pizza of the month club

Most of these gift ideas for parents fall into the category of keepsakes, but this entry is decidedly different. Taking care of a little one is hard work, and new parents are bound to build up an appetite. Help keep hunger at bay with three deep-dish, Chicago-style pizzas delivered to their home each month. Choose from memberships that range from three to 24-months long and you’ll keep your friends or family members fed with delicious cheesy goodness.

Premium Stylish Foam Play Mats

premium stylish foam play mats gift ideas for parents

Area rugs are pretty to look at, but not too practical when there’s a little one running around. These play mats are designed to look like real area rugs, but they’re waterproof, easy to clean, and won’t leave pesky fibers all over your baby’s PJs. They’re also allergy friendly, – and the soft foam is comfy for wigglers and new crawlers alike.

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