9 Romantic Gift Ideas for Couples

Searching for gifts for your significant other can seem like a never-ending task. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect anniversary present, a Valentine’s Day gift, or a long-lasting holiday memory, finding the right gift is a year-round process. Luckily, these romantic gift ideas are guaranteed to raise spirits, stoke the fires of affection, and cement your membership in the gift-giving hall of fame.

Why I Love You Book

Romantic gift ideas story of us book

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a book filled with love letters is worth everything. The lucky recipient of this romantic gift idea will have a one of a kind memory to commemorate how special the relationship they share is. All you need to do is fill the pages.

Selfies Photo Album

Romantic gift ideas selfie album for couples

Life in the age of smartphones and Instagram means traditional photo albums are almost passé… almost. This novelty gift blends the old and new by offering millennials a way to preserve their favorite selfies for all eternity. Get your partner to pucker up for the mirrored cover and then snap away. Read up on the history of selfies in between poses and infuse your romantic evening with equal doses of education and silliness.

Wine Making Kit with Barrel

 wine making kit

We all reach for our favorite bottle of bubbly or carafe of Cabernet to celebrate, so it only makes sense that one of the best romantic gift ideas for couples would be wine-themed. This kit comes with everything necessary to turn water and grapes into wine, including an attractive 5-liter American White Oak barrel, accessories, and instructions.

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors

Candlelight? Romantic. Cuddling while watching the sunset? Romantic. A wintery retreat deep in the quiet, Nordic woods? Romantic times ten. Combining all three without ever having to board a plane or rent a drafty cabin? Perfect. This enchanting tealight trough recreates the charming look and feel of the woods at dusk using simple candles and shadows for a heartwarming and effective result.

Italian Cheese Making Kit

romantic gift ideas Italian cheese making kit for dates

Some romantic gifts are unintentionally cheesy, but this is one present that doesn’t hide behind false sentiment. No, this cheese-making kit is exactly what it purports to be — an amazing chance for two dairy-obsessed lovebirds to try their hand at whipping up some ricotta, mozzarella, or mascarpone in the comfort of their own kitchen. It’s a chance to bond and churn out batches of creamy deliciousness while finally having a date night that doesn’t involve the TV.

Letters to My Baby

 letters for future baby

First comes love, then (sometimes) comes marriage, then, a lot of the time comes a baby in a baby carriage. When you hear there’s a new bundle of joy on the way, you need to rustle up a gift that goes above and beyond the typical diaper cake or collection of teeny-tiny socks. These letters give new parents a chance to write down milestones as they happen, so their kiddo can reminisce years down the road.

Name a Star

naming a star after couple

Want to give your favorite couple a surprise they’ll never forget? Try naming a star after them. Use their couple name — Brangelina or Kimye, anyone? — last name, or create something totally unique. There are few things more romantic than peeping through a telescope with your sweetheart and spying a star that’s really, truly your very own.

Personalized Vouchers of Love

romantic gift ideas vouchers for services

Whether you’re giving a gift to a couple you know, or to your better half, these love-themed vouchers are a perfect way to spur some romance without completely forgoing the practical side of things. There are coupons for kisses and for breakfast in bed, and 10 other custom vouches guaranteed to fan the flames of your relationship.

Chalkboard Vase

 chalk board for flower vase

The best flowers are the “just because” kind, and when you give someone this gift, it’s exponentially easier for them to remember to buy those random bunches of blooms. Even a few stray wildflowers from the neighbor’s garden will look lovely next to a quick love note scribbled on the front chalkboard surface.

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