Adventurous Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

Every year, your anniversary rolls around and you’re left scrambling to find a present that’s as special as the guy you’re giving it too. Whether you’re just a year removed from your long walk down the aisle or celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss, these adventurous anniversary gifts are perfect for husbands who love the outdoors and are looking for a little bit of adrenaline.

Helicopter Tours

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts helicopter tours

Take your love to new heights in a helicopter built for two (plus the pilot, of course). Get an aerial view of your favorite city, swooping by key landmarks and squealing like kids as you experience the world from a whole new vantage point.

Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

Learn to Golf with a PGA Tour Pro

Forget bending it like Beckham, your man wants to swing it like Palmer. If his game could use some fine-tuning, get him lessons from PGA Class A Pros who can help him improve his short game, hit straighter, and drive the ball farther, so maybe he’ll be home by dinnertime for once.

Fishing and Camping Cooler Chair

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts fishing and camping cooler chair

Those Styrofoam contraptions may keep drinks cold, but they’re ugly as sin and the squeaking scares the fishes. This year, spring for adventurous anniversary gifts for your husband that are practical and a bit posh with this cooler chair that holds up to 24 cans of craft brew or cola and doubles as a comfy seat.

Spa Packages

Spa packages for anniversaries

Everyone deserves a day to indulge. If your husband has never had a facial or a deep-tissue massage, now’s the time. Choose a spa package and see what a little pampering can do for a burly man’s man whose idea of self-care is putting on a fresh pair of socks.

Ride Shotgun in a Stock Car

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts ride shotgun in a stock car

Your favorite speed racer has a tendency to lead foot it through the neighborhood, but we have a safer alternative. Stick him in the passenger seat of a NASCAR stock car with a professional driver at the wheel and see how he feels after cornering rails at 150 MPH.

Silver Engraved Cuff Links

Silver engraved cuff links

Four out of five clients say snappy dressers are more likely to score a major deal. Okay, we totally made that up, but heading to a business meeting with these monogrammed cufflinks snapped onto a snazzy suit certainly can’t hurt hubby’s cause.

Multi-Tool Hammer with Name

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts multi-tool hammer with name

Hubby is a master multi-tasker who needs a tool as talented as he is. This handy gadget includes everything from a hammer to a Phillips head screwdriver, plus a pouch to carry it in and the option for personalization so you can put his name right on the handle.

Whitewater Rafting

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts white water rafting

If your relationship could use a pick me up, look for adventurous anniversary gifts for your husband that will give you both a little thrill. Whitewater rafting, perhaps? Cloud 9 Living offers trips in several locales, so you can test your mettle close to home or make your rafting adventure the centerpiece of a larger vacation.

Hooked on You Fishing Lure

personalized fishing lure

You hooked yourself a prize catch, now give your fish-loving spouse an anniversary gift that’s on theme. Each lure is custom printed with your choice of four tongue-in-cheek verses plus your name so the thinks of you even when he’s out on the high seas.

Hand Crank Charger

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts hand crank charger

Running out of battery is like unplugging your whole life. If he frequently forgets to charge before heading out camping with the boys or needs a backup for his workshop radio, get him a charger that works on old-fashioned elbow grease – now there’s no excuse for going AWOL.

Wood Dresser Valets for Men

Wood Dresser Valets

Looking for anniversary gifts for a husband who is chronically late due to misplaced keys and a missing cell phone? This smart wooden valet looks lovely and keeps everything from coins to sunglasses accessible for a quick grab and go.

Personalized Ticket Stub Scrapbook

Personalized ticket stub scrapbook

Whether he’s a thrash metal aficionado or can’t get enough Wayne Newton, collect his tickets and stick them into this personalized scrapbook so he can remember every venue, set list, and questionable dance move he’s ever been a part of.

Unbreakable Beer Glasses

unbreakable beer glasses

Captain Butterfingers is more likely to spill his pale ale than sip it all the way down, but with these unbreakable beer glasses the party can continue uninterrupted — as long as you have another six-pack in reserve.

Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts meat thermometer for BBQ

Cooking low and slow makes for some tasty brisket but there’s also a lot of babysitting involved. Once your husband has this wireless thermometer at his disposable, he can keep one eye on the grub and one on the game without constantly trotting back and forth.

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts inflatable paddle boards

A small living space and a passion for paddle boarding don’t always mix, but your husband can have his cake and eat it too with this inflatable board deflates in a flash for easy storage.

Hammock for Two

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts hammock

No trees? No problem. This hammock gets strung up between two ends of the included stand so you and your sweetheart can swing and snooze even when there’s not so much as a sapling in sight.

Drives of a Lifetime

Adventurous Anniversary Gifts list of incredible drives

Road trips are part bonding experience, part exploration opportunity, part chance for your husband to drive like he’s trying to win the Indy 500. Now you can both get some enjoyment out of the open road with this bucket list of must-see routes that will take you two to some of the prettiest spots on the planet.

Yoda Star Wars Golf Head Cover

Yoda Golf Head cover

Big fan of Star Wars your husband is. Much love for golf he also has. Mash the two together and you have this Yoda golf club cover that looks just like the old Jedi Master. Even if hubby doesn’t have 800 years of Jedi training, this cover may have enough of the force to help guide his ball home.

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