How to Choose the Perfect Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Ironing boards, wilted gas station flowers, and fast food dinners for two — oh my! If your previous anniversary gifts for your wife have fallen a little flat, it’s time to up your game with these ideas she’ll appreciate. From smartphone accessories to captivating cuffs, if you choose personalized anniversary gifts then you’ll be sure to delight your blushing bride.

Personalized Voice Art

Voice Art Personalized Anniversary Gift

Turn your “I dos” or a celebratory anniversary message into a work of art with this personalized, high-quality canvas emblazoned with a visual representation of sound waves. Record the message and your significant other will receive a rolled canvas to do with as they wish — or have it stretched and framed so it’s ready to hang.

Personalized Fleece Bathrobes

Personalized Fleece Bathrobes

Home spa days take a luxurious turn with fleece robes that feel like you’re wrapped in a soft, silk cloud. Personalize one for your wife, then package it with some bath salts, candles, and a couple hours off from the kids. She’s earned it!

Personalized Silver Bracelet

Personalized Silver Bracelet

Simple, minimalist, classic… This bracelet is proof that flashy isn’t always better. The sleek silver bangle is stunning all on its own but stamp a name on the oval tag and now you’ve got sleek, one-of-a-kind gift that she won’t ever want to take off.

Special Dates Personalized Canvas

Special Dates Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Some days deserve to be memorialized. Have this canvas inscribed with your birthdates, the day you got married, the days you welcomed your children into the world, or whatever makes your heart go pitter-pat. It’s a sentimental and sweet way to remind your wife that you really do remember the important things.

Personalized Mounted Print From Your Words

From Your Words Personalized Mounted Print

From far away this looks like a simple yet pretty picture but get up close and embedded in the image are your very own words. Send in your vows or a special message and it’ll be immortalized in a work of art that delivers two romantic features for the price of one.

Personalized Romantic Wall Plaque

Personalized Anniversary Gifts Wall Plaque

You + her = love. Echo old-school tree trunk carvings with this personalized wall plaque printed to look just like the real thing. Each design is printed on genuine basswood with strips of bark to add authenticity and texture, a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone with a soft spot for nostalgia.

Letters in a Bottle

Letters in a bottle

If she likes love stories, she’ll love this message in a bottle. Feeling creative? Write your own on the heart-decorated parchment. Need some help? There are seven pre-written verses to choose from — trust us, it’s not who wrote the words but how you deliver them.

Birth Month Real Flower Pendants

Birth Month Real Flower Pendants

Jewelry is a pretty standard anniversary surprise, but there’s no way she’ll see these personalized anniversary gifts coming. The pendant features a real flower encased in glass so it’s visible from both sides. Choose her birth month as a way to say how glad you are that she’s here or pick the flower that represents the month you got married. Double the meaning, double the oohs and aahs!

Personalized Romantic Mug Set

Personalized Anniversary Gifts Mug Set

You and your wife go together like Romeo and Juliet, like Fred and Ginger, like… bacon and eggs? One classic duo deserves another, and that’s exactly what you get with your choice of fun and funny matchups printed on a pair of personalized mugs.

Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks Set

Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks

Let’s face it — your wife is probably the one who takes the photos, prints them out, and puts them on display. This year do the heavy lifting (the easy way) and surprise her with four favorite images turned into lightweight alphabet blocks that spell out “LOVE”. Choose your wedding photos, candids from day-to-day life, or pictures of the kids — she’ll appreciate the results every bit as much as the intention.

Why I Love You Book

Why I love you book

How do you love her? Count the ways — up to 100 pages worth! — in this custom, full-color book that spells out your love story in as much detail as you want to include. You get to create your own characters, edit pages to make them more personal, and have the finished product printed and bound into a keepsake for the ages.

Forever Love Infinity Bracelet

Forever Love Infinity Bracelet

When “I love you” means forever times infinity, give her a bracelet that says it all with incomparable style. From the 18K-gold plating to the sparkling allure of 12 genuine diamonds, this piece is romance and beauty incarnate — just like your lovely wife.

Couple’s Pillowcases

Couple's Pillowcases

Pillow talk just got a whole lot cuter. This pair of standard queen-sized pillowcases features two stick figures declaring their love via a tin-can phone. With these on your bed, it’ll be almost impossible to go to sleep mad.

Lunch & Dinner Cruises

Lunch and Dinner Cruises

Take your love on the road (or on the water, as the case may be) with dinner cruises that loop around popular cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. It’s dinner and a show plus the love of your life.

Personalized Recipe Card

Personalized Recipe Card

She slices, dices, fries, and flames like a total pro and her version of chicken pot pie is hands down your favorite. For the wife who’s a total whiz in the kitchen get these personalized recipe cards that allow her to jot down her creations to share or save for the next generation of family cooks.

Personalized Heart Photo Puzzle

Personalized Anniversary Gifts Heart Photo Puzzle

Give her every little piece of your heart — or at least a fun stand in. You can personalize this sweetly shaped puzzle with a goofy selfie, your wedding photo, or any other snapshot that grabs your fancy. Present the pieces in the included velvet drawstring bag and witness her delight as she puts them together and discovers the surprise.

Personalized Beach Towels

Personalized Beach Towels

You’ve been husband and wife for a while now, but the novelty of those titles never truly wears off. Take your love to the beach with towels that let everyone know you’re hitched, and you like it that way with personalized anniversary gifts like these.

Custom Vinyl Record

Custom Vinyl Record

Your wife is a rock star, so it’s about time she went platinum – or black or gold, rather. These custom records come in both colors, with a personalized label affixed to the real vintage LP so you can add your own artwork plus her name and a few “songs” (real or otherwise) that sum up your relationship.

Personalized Photo Canvas Print

Personalized Anniversary Gifts Photo Canvas Print

Life is art, sometimes literally. Pick a photo, upload it, and you’ll get a gorgeous gallery-wrapped canvas in return. Bring your wedding pictures to life or have new shots taken and switch out the drugstore prints she’s expecting with an artist-grade masterpiece that demands to be displayed.

Personalized Star Map

Personalized Star Map

The world will never be the exact same way it was the night you met your true love, and neither will the sky. Recreate the alignment of the stars on that special day (or your wedding date, perhaps) with a map personalized with a name or another line of text.

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