How to Find the Perfect Wedding Gifts: GiftAdvisor’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Shopping for wedding gifts shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but when you’re invited to be a part of someone’s big day, the pressure is on. Instead of relying on lackluster go-to’s like cookie sheets and kitschy vases, shake up the receiving line and get the kudos you so richly deserve. Surprise and delight the new couple with expertly curated wedding gifts that make gift-giving that much sweeter.

Together Forever Pillowcases

Pillowcase Wedding Gifts

Two lives just merged into one—bed included—and that means this is the perfect time to perk up the contents of the old linen closet. Help the happy couple bid adieu to boring bedroom décor and spruce things up with a pair of coordinating pillowcases emblazoned with images of two sweethearts and the adage, “Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance but never at heart.” Aww!

Fall Family Tree

Fall Family Tree Gift

Weddings are all about family, so it only makes sense to shop for wedding gifts that refer to the very same thing. This family tree print transforms ancestry into a beautiful gallery-wrapped canvas worthy of a place of honor on the living room wall. Includes space for up to 18 names to prevent anyone from feeling left out.

Personalized Coupon Book

Love Coupons Wedding Gifts

Grocery store coupons as wedding gifts? Not if you want to be invited to anything ever again. A romantic love coupon book as a present? Oh, heck yes. The LoveCoups book includes over 250 full-color coupons just waiting to be customized and created into romantic IOUs. Get two, one for each half of the happy couple.

Engraved Silver Wedding Photo Album – Love Ever After

Wedding Gifts Photo Album

Weddings mean tons of photos. There are the professional shots, the social media shots, and maybe even photo prints sourced from those retro disposable cameras that are making such a big comeback. Where do they all wind up? Hopefully in this stunning silver-plated album with a custom-engraved cover and 40 double-sided pages.

Personalized Beach Towels

Personalized Beach Towel Gifts

No honeymoon is complete without a pair of personalized beach towels that let every sunbather, boater, and nosy seagull know that these loungers just got hitched. Choose from towels with “wifey” or “hubby” on the front and add a one-line message of your choice for a soft, cozy gift that also has a lot to say.

Personalized Garden Stones

Personalized Garden Stones

Tiptoeing through the tulips with a loved one is a time-honored pastime—at least in song—but real-life couples like to sit back and chill, too. Now, outdoor canoodling can take on a sentimental edge when this personalized garden stone peeks out from amongst the zinnias. Crafted of durable resin to look like real stone, it can be engraved with names, a wedding date, and a message, so love shines through no matter what the weather, or weeds, brings.

Personalized Star Map

Personalized Star Map Gifts

Everything in the universe had to align just for two people to meet, fall in love, and get married. That kind of serendipity can’t be ignored, so instead put it into the spotlight with a star map featuring the exact lineup of the stars when those “I dos” occurred.

Personalized Glass Wedding Christmas Ornaments – Mr. & Mrs.

Personalized Wedding Gifts Christmas Ornaments

There are a lot of firsts after a couple gets married: first kiss, first dance, first cake smash, first trip together, and of course, the first holiday season. This year the tree will look extra eye-catching with this customized glass ornament swinging to and fro. The laser engraving is classy, the ribbon makes for easy hanging, and the customization makes for the perfect heirloom piece sure to be treasured for years to come.

The Big Activity Book for Couples

Activity Book for Couples

Ordinary relationship workbooks can be a bit of a snooze fest, but this version uses games, puzzles, and quizzes to help couples work together to form a lasting bond. The book provides the framework, and the couple – provides the answers, the fun, and the laughs.

The Barista Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Wedding Gifts

Four out of five marriage counselors say that most morning fights start because somebody hasn’t had their caffeine yet. Okay, that’s a fake statistic, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a kernel of truth there. Sleepyheads make for silly spats, but that’s all in the past once the newlyweds can easily whip up a hot cup of joe using The Barista Coffee Machine, an ingenious gadget that churns out silky espresso on demand.

Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Club

The Wine of the Month Club is the epitome of a gift that keeps on giving. Choose from membership ranging from three months to two years in length and your favorite couple will get two bottles of wine each month so they can toast their love with something tasty, exotic, and unexpected.

Cheese of the Month Club

Cheese of the Month Club

Double up your generosity (or get another guest in on the gift-giving bonanza) when you pair the wine club shipments above with savory offerings from the Cheese of the Month Club. It’s as gouda time as any to brie the best friend and spend your hard-earned cheddar on a gift that satisfies the palate, soul, and Havarti — uh, make that the heart.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Whiskey Barrel Wedding Gifts

A toast to the couple is a tradition; a personalized whiskey barrel is just awesome. Whiskey lovers can now age their own alcoholic creations in an attractive vessel engraved with their name. Useful for storage, aging, and display, this barrel is great as a centerpiece for a new home bar or as a feature in a man cave or kitchen.

Circle of Love Cutting Board

Love Cutting Board Wedding Gifts

When it’s time to get cooking in the kitchen, this customized cutting board will add an extra bit of flair. As if the natural wood grain of the maple construction and smartly carved drip channels and handles weren’t enough, there’s a central circle design with space for the couple’s titles, names, and wedding date.

Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine

Sound and Sleep Machine

Before snoring or outside noise can derail a good night’s sleep, give the gift of uninterrupted rest with this nifty sound machine. The gizmo includes a whopping 30 non-repeating sounds to help the listener relax and rejuvenate. A timer allows for automatic shutoff after 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes, and the front panel lighting dims to keep visual distractions at bay. Cuddling up with a new partner can be an adjustment, but this ode to adaptive sound technology should help.

Massage King Multifunctional Foot Massager

Foot Massager

“I promise to give you nightly foot rubs until you tell me to stop” isn’t a traditional wedding vow, but maybe it should be. Until then, keep marital squabbles over sore tootsies to a minimum with spa-inspired wedding gifts like this multifunctional foot massager. Rolling pressure gently soothes away muscle stress while angled acupressure and infrared heating work on joint pain. At this rate, you might just want to marry this massager yourself.

Personalized Mounted Print from Your Words

 Mosaic Print in Your Own Words

A mosaic is a large picture made up of much smaller images or tiles. This print follows the same concept, except what looks like a pretty photo from far away hides a much more detailed secret. Get up close and you’ll discover a seemingly unending trail of tiny words. Match up your favorite duo’s wedding photo with a copy of their wedding vows, come up with your own prose, or put together a bunch of motivational quotes that encapsulate everything love and a lifetime together should be.

Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

Cocktail Shaker Wedding Gifts

Spatulas, can openers, and kitchen towels are all typical wedding gifts, but they’re kind of, well, boring. Follow the theme of practically but with a fun, updated twist when you wrap up this cocktail shaker set. Budding mixologists and experienced bartenders alike will appreciate the pro-level accessories, plus you’re helping newlyweds get holiday-ready one gift box at a time.

Wine Making Kit with Barrel

WIne Making Kit Wedding Gifts

Give this kit as a wedding gift and the bride and groom can create their own drinkable memento that starts fermenting now and gets a bottle for a celebratory slug on their first anniversary. It only takes 30 days to churn out something tasty, but there’s no law against waiting for the perfect timing, now is there?

Special Dates Personalized Canvas

Special Dates Personalized Wedding Gifts Canvas

Some dates hold special significance. For a married couple, there’s more than one spot on the calendar that deserves to be remembered. This canvas turns everything from the day the happy couple met to the day they got engaged and beyond into giclée-printed artwork that’s gallery wrapped and ready to hang.

Personalized Address Stamp – Mr. & Mrs.

Personalized Address Stamp Wedding Gifts

There’s this tingly feeling that sweeps from your nose to your toes the first time you get to call yourself a Mr. or Mrs., and now that same feeling can be duplicated with every snail mail message. This self-inking stamp comes in five colors and can be customized with the name of the newlyweds plus their address for an easy, attractive way to make bills and thank you cards look spiffy.

Towel Warmer

Towel Warmer

Going from a hot shower to a cold house can make for a grumpy spouse. Whether you know a twosome who loves to jump in the jacuzzi together or just want a wedding gift that’s useful in a forward-thinking kind of way, this towel warmer turns chilly mornings toasty again — just what everyone needs to get their day off to a comfortable start.

Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control

We hate to promote any of those cliché fights over the remote control, but this beauty is worth a spat or two. One device allows for control of up to eight devices. There’s a brightly colored screen that displays channel icons for easy navigation and one-touch activity buttons to switch between devices at lightning speed. Add in extensive compatibility and this is a tech-friendly present that can’t be beaten.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Mobile Scanner

A wedding seems like a big moment but it’s really the first in hundreds, even thousands of significant experiences worth documenting. This mobile scanner makes it easy for couples to create digital copies of everything from their marriage license to photos to ticket stubs. It’s a fantastic collection method to keep key docs in one easily accessible spot so they can be retrieved or organized into a scrapbook whenever the mood strikes.

Language Playing Cards

Language Playing Cards

Now there’s a fun, portable way to upgrade tedious honeymoon travel into a learning opportunity. Each deck of cards includes 54 phrases in a combination of Japanese, French, Spanish, and Italian. Rather than twiddling thumbs at the gate before a flight or singing drinking songs to bide time on a cross-country bus, lovebirds can learn how to ask for the bathroom or order food while shuffling through this handy deck.

Personalized Chocolate Body Paint

Chocolate Body Paint Wedding Gifts

For the couple who might appreciate a more, ahem, titillating wedding gifts, go for a sweet surprise guaranteed to spice up cuddle time. Each 8-ounce jar of edible chocolate body paint comes wrapped in a gilded label personalized with two names. A few seconds in the microwave and a soft paintbrush and the bride and groom are set up for some very sensual success.

Foodie Fight

Foodie Fight Game

Game night has never been more delicious! Get your foodie friends together and see who knows more about food history and molecular gastronomy. There are a thousand brain-stretching questions and plenty of opportunity for competition. All you need is to wrangle yourself an invite and show up hungry.

Recycled Bike Chain Frame

Recycled Bike Chain Frame

Picture frames are probably the least outside-the-box wedding gifts you can buy, but only if you fail to get creative. Ditch classic dime-a-dozen wood frames and give industrial-leaning couples a frame with a stylishly rough twist. A repurposed bike chain gives this frame an edge but it’s the photo you put in it that gives it heart.

Personalized Heart Photo Puzzle

Personalized Heart Photo Puzzle Wedding Gifts

Rather than a heart breaking into a million pieces, this puzzle gives the recipients a chance to put everything back together. Every time they plug a piece of their custom creation into place, it’s a reminder that keeping a relationship whole takes work — but boy is it worth it.

Hammock for Two

Hammock Wedding Gifts

Why get married and rest apart? Imagine afternoons spent swaying in the breeze with birds chirping overhead and the green grass ready to cushion your fall. Now give the gift of those tranquil days to a special couple with this hammock for two, a brightly colored creation complete with adjustable hooks and a space-saving steel stand.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

Smart Home Security Camera

New home, new worries — but not so much with this home security system installed at all the major points of access. It’s wireless and motion-activated, meaning much less chance of any big baddies sneaking in to steal valuables and shake up the sweetheart’s status quo.

Couples Heart BBQ Steak Branding Iron

Heart BBQ Steak Branding Iron

The couple that grills together stays together — or at least that’s our motto. Now that perfectly seared ribeye gets an extra grill mark in the form of a showy monogram. It’s a sign that those steaks are the property of the new Mr. and Mrs., making this brand a must-have for any enthusiastic grill masters worth their salt.

Adventure Gifts

Adventure Wedding Gifts

Get hearts racing almost as much as they were when he popped the big question with thrill-seeking adventures courtesy of Cloud 9. The company has a roster of more than 1,700 adventures including everything from hang gliding to rock climbing to helicopter tours spread across countless locations across the country, making it easy to book wedding gifts during a honeymoon or closer to home.

Two Peas in a Pod Salt & Pepper Shaker

Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers

These impossibly cute peas are so into each other they can’t help but cling. No, seriously — they’re magnetic, so anytime they’re in close proximity they cozy up. It’s the world’s most delightful way to season a plate of food.

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