7 Gifts Certain to Create Memorable Experiences

Have you ever gotten someone a gift that you were proud of only to find it sitting in its original packaging over a year later? It’s happened to everyone, and in the worst cases, those gifts have been regifted to others. Well, it’s time to put a stop to those underwhelming gifts by giving people what they really want are memorable experiences.

You might think that gifting someone an experience like that would be way out of your price range. That’s simply not the cast anymore. Our team has scoured the globe to find the most extravagant and affordable experiences, on even the most frugal budget. 

Spa Packages

woman relaxing during memorable spa massage

What could possibly be a better gift than being pampered by professionals? With the Spa packages, you can choose from a variety of special spa treatments that will make the recipient feel like royalty. Custom facials, reflexology, and deep tissue massages are just a few of the excellent gift options available.

Learn to Fly

memorable experience, people learning how to fly

Are you trying to give the gift of a truly unforgettable experience? This present will put them in the pilot’s seat, and you’ll be able to watch them take off as they begin their first flight lesson. Absolutely no prior experience is needed for this journey. With an instructor teaching you the basics and bringing the plane to cruising altitude, they’ll be handed the controls and soar through the sky to accomplish what few have ever tried.

Ziplining Experiences

Memorable experiences zipllining

Are you gift shopping for an outdoors person who seeks the nearest adrenaline rush each time they’re on the trail? Then ziplining is the memorable experience they didn’t know they’ve been waiting for. There is no better way to experience the outdoors than soaring high in the sky at 40 miles per hour or faster!

Are they already a veteran on the zipline? Get them a midnight tour so they can experience the nocturnal life they’ve been missing out on!

Wine & Beer Experiences

Group enjoying beer and wine memorable experience

You can learn a lot about a city by the drinks they serve. This experience is perfect for any beer or wine connoisseur who wants to move outside their comfort zone and try new drinks. Available in cities throughout the country, by experiencing the local culture and finding new favorites along the way, this gift is sure to not be forgotten.     

Scenic Cruises

memorable experiences scenic cruise

Whether it be watching for whales or waiting for the sun to set, these scenic cruises are wonderful gifts for anyone looking to give truely memorable experiences. Spring for drinks on the bay, or a casual meal on the lake and whoever receives this gift won’t be quick to forget.

Walking Food Tours

walking food tour

The perfect gift for any foodie, the walking food tour is the chance to sample the finest flavors in some of the greatest culinary cities in the United States. Give the gift of a full belly and satisfied taste buds with this entirely unique guided experience.

Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

memorable experiences working with professional golfer for lesson

If there’s a golfer in your life who’s struggling to make par, get them a lesson with a professional who can help improve their game. This lesson will be an amazing experience for any golf fan, and every time they shave a stroke off their game, you’ll know this gift was worth every penny.

Still looking for more memorable experiences to give as gifts?  Have no fear, because at GiftAdvisor we scour the globe to find the best gifts for every occasion. Try our recommendations for Handpicked Experience Gifts, Beach Gifts, and Outdoor Gifts.

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