Personalized Gifts to Make Lasting Impressions

All gifts are cool, but sometimes custom is king. For the friend or family member who has everything, there are these personalized gifts that will thrill even the pickiest person and ensure you never accidentally duplicate another guest’s present (phew!).

Custom Vinyl Record

custom vinyl record

For the music lover in your life, there’s this custom vinyl record in your choice of glistening gold or cool, classic black. The records are 100% authentic, giving this gift a sustainable edge, and you can, of course, customize it with a unique imprinted label featuring a vintage design or your own artwork. Its tradition meets on-trend retro aesthetics, all sealed up in a sweet floating frame.

Social Media Coffee Mug

coffee mug with social media phrases

For the friend who lives on Facebook or can’t wait to share a snap of breakfast on the ‘Gram, there’s finally a mug that honors the infinite power of the almighty hashtag. This coffee mug comes in six colors, each of which provides a contrasting background for a speech bubble awaiting your pithy text. Steal something off your friend’s and surprise them with a personalized mug or come up with your own message sure to be shared in an upcoming status update. #nicebuybro

Personalized Voice Art

personalized voice art

Turn a recorded message into a long-lasting work of art. Whether it’s your baby’s first word, a voicemail message from a passed loved one, or another family phrase you can’t even imagine living without, now you’ll never have to press play to serve up a reminder again. The soundbite-base image is printed on high-quality canvas which you can have stretched and framed to fit existing décor.

Custom Photo Guitar Picks

guitar picks customized gifts

Generic guitar picks get the job done, but real rock stars need something with a lot more pizazz. These custom pieces emblazon the photo (or photos) or your choice on classic 351-shaped picks made of .71mm gauge premium-grade celluloid, designed for hours of smooth and easy playing. The guitar picks are sold in a variety of quantities; get a bunch for your budding chart-topper or hand them out as favors at a record release, graduation party, or another milestone event.

Once Upon a Time Collection of Fairytales

customized fairy tale collections

All the classics — The Gingerbread Man, Rumpelstiltskin, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, and more — wrapped up into one gorgeous volume. But wait, there’s more! Have your loved one look closely and they’ll see their name worked into the stunning illustrations. This is a keepsake that’s both personal and sentimental, honoring everything you love about traditional stories and the cutest little one in your life.

Personalized Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie personalized gifts

Everyone’s favorite post-stir fry snack is immortalized in shiny zinc alloy with this personalized surprise. Open the authentic Chinese takeout box and there’s the cookie, complete with a custom message containing up to two lines of text. Wish someone a happy birthday, thank your bridesmaids or groomsmen for being at your side, or give your spouse a sweet reminder that you know you’re the luckiest guy or gal on the planet.

Personalized Hidden Message Collar Stays

personalized hidden message collar stays

Collar stays are usually a strictly functional item — stick them in your collar and your shirt looks uber professional instead of floppy and sad. But these stays add flair thanks to a personalized message engraved onto each 2.5-inch silver-plated brass collar stay. From sweet reminders of your love to hilarious one-liners sure to brighten his morning, these secret sayings form a charming gift set your sweetheart, father figure, or other button-down wearing bro will be excited to use.

Personalized Purse Hanger

purse hanger personalized gifts

Few things are more frustrating than treating yourself to a brand-spankin’ new bag and then having to stow it on a dirty restaurant floor. Who wants smooshed fries or stick coffee remnants messing up their new tote? No one, that’s who. Now you’re a problem solver, just because you wrapped up a personalized purse hanger that unfolds and creates a no-hands hook. The hanger serves a much-needed purpose while the custom engraved monogram ensures bystanders keep their greedy paws to themselves.

Personalized Round Beach Towel

Round beach towel personalized gifts

When the beach is busy, you must take extra steps to claim your space. These eye-catching personalized gifts ought to do the trick. Measuring a generous 60-inches in diameter, each towel is big enough to allow your little one to sprawl out and snack, sunbathe, or chatter with their friends. Even better, there’s a spot to add a name, so there’s no doubt who this colorful piece belongs to.

Personalized Beer Tankard

Personalized beer tankard

Yo ho ho and a big bucket of beer! Okay, this isn’t exactly a bucket, but this personalized beer tankard is impressive enough to leave a lasting impact on all your buddies. The mug is made of food-safe stainless steel so it gives off a brilliant shine and won’t tarnish — perfect for slurping your favorite IPA or stout in posh settings. Add a name and one line of text to help commemorate a special occasion or just keep onlookers from confusing this killer cup with their own sad plastic substitute (as if).

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