The Best Educational Gifts for Grandkids

Finding the perfect gifts for grandkids who are already knee deep in toys may seem like an impossible task, but all you really need is some imagination—and a credit card. Our gifting experts have put together a whopping forty ideas encompassing gifts for children of all ages.

Whether you have a granddaughter who’s crazy about coding or a grandson who’s never more at home than when he’s at the beach, there’s a present here that ticks every box.

Personalized Shark Beach Tote Bag with Beach Toy Set

Shark Beach Tote Bag Gifts for Grandkids

Baby Shark is the child-friendly phenomenon that just won’t quit, and now you can double down on the whimsy with a personalized beach bag (do-do do-do-do-do). The addition of your grandkid’s name and a handful of beach toys makes this the perfect precursor to a summer vacation.

3-in-1 Wagon

Wagon Gifts for Grandkids

Ready for adventure? Choose gifts for grandkids that take your show on the road—this multitasking wagon included. It can be pushed, pulled, or steered using a removable handle. Not enough for those independent kiddos? Open the hatch and let them pedal along, Flintstones-style.

DIY Computer Kit

DIY Computer Kit

In our day, STEM was something that attached a strawberry to the vine, but these days it’s all about science, technology, engineering, and math. Give your grandkids an edge with a kit that encourages coding and programming through fun-filled STEM challenges. There’s no fruit, but don’t let that hold you back.

Kid-Friendly Archery Set

Kid-Friendly Archery Set Gifts for Grandkids

It’s no fun getting beaned in the head by random household objects. Protect your noggin and channel your grandkids’ extra energy into practice with this archery set that’s safe, yet encourages aim, accuracy, and finding an alternative target that doesn’t have your name on it.

Architectural Play Set

Architectural Play Set

Playsets are time-honored gifts for grandkids, but this Bilderhoos 2.0 set takes backyard fun to whole new levels of awesome. Rather than building to a uniform plan, these sustainable wood slats are made to be assembled and reassembled into everything from a log cabin to a veterinary clinic.

Kidizoom Smartwatch

Kidizoom Smartwatch Gifts for Grandkids

Even little kids like to feel connected. Give your grandkids a smartwatch packed with features like games, a motion sensor, a camera, an alarm, and a stopwatch, plus a calendar and calculator for learning on the go.

Kite with Flying Handle

Kite with Flying Handle

Flying kites is loads of fun. Getting tangled up in the lead—and consoling crying grandkids because their toy has a death wish and keeps crashing into the ground—is less exciting. Take the pain out of park adventures with this kite that goes up, up, and away and then reels back with just the touch of a button.

Moon Meteorite

Moon Meteorite Gifts for Grandkids

The cosmos can be a difficult concept for little ones to grasp, but these authentic moon rocks—as verified by the Meteoritical Society in London—bring that glowing orb in the sky so much closer to home.

Book of the Month for Kids

Book Club for Kids

Reading is fun! Feed your grandkids’ love of all things literary with a monthly delivery of curated books complete with a lollipop—because who doesn’t appreciate a snack—and a bookplate with a note from their new favorite grandma or grandpa.

Kid’s 3-String Guitar

Kids 3-string guitar

Encourage tiny rock stars to hone their craft with a simple three-string guitar that connects to an educational app. Then turn them loose on the streets to busk so they can keep in the style to which you’ve become accustomed. Fame and fortune await!

Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

Electronic Discovery Kit Gifts for Grandkids

You’re never too young to be an inventor. Aspiring scientists and eager engineers will find endless ways to use this kit that includes more than 60 snap-together parts. This award-winning toy allows kids to build over 300 projects ranging from a lie detector (watch out big sis) to an AM radio.

Adopt a Panda

Adopt a Panda

This year opt for a present that requires a little less commitment from mom and dad than a new dog or cat. This Adopt a Panda gift signifies the recipient’s support of a giant panda for an entire year, plus information and a poster so kids will know all about their fuzzy adoptee.

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