The Best Gifts for Dad this Holiday Season

The holidays are hard enough without stressing over gifts for Dad. Dads aren’t the easiest people to shop for, and for year’s they’ve received ties, mugs and series of other mediocre gifts. This year break that trend by surprising your dad with presents that suit his personality. Give him a thrill or make both of you dissolve into fits of giggles — whatever your goal, our experts have found the gifts to match.

Heineken BeerTender

beertender gifts for dad

You can’t get that tell-tale draft beer texture and flavor at home — or can you? Bar pours are downright delicious, and now you can mimic the same kind of pint in Dad’s man cave with this BeerTender that uses C02 to make mini kegs perfectly bubbly for as long as 30 days.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

ugly Christmas sweater gifts for dad

Give this to Dad on Christmas morning and by noon he’ll think he’s the most stylish dude in town. Ugly sweaters may not be worthy of a spot in his work wardrobe, but the garish colors and generous smattering of glitter are just what elves ordered when the holiday spirit is at stake.

Cactus Scratcher: Personal Back Scratcher

personal back scratcher

When a serious case of the itches strikes, it’s important that your dad is armed to strike back. Stick this cactus-shaped contraption in his stocking and he’ll never have to squirm against a doorjamb like a rabid dog trying to find relief ever again.

Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

working mans hygiene kit

Save your mom from Dad’s signature scent with this cool kit that includes all kinds of masculine scrubs, balms, and salves to chase away BO and make cracked skin smooth and supple again. Designed by a mechanic but mama approved.

The U.S. Navy Sportsman’s Chronograph Watch

us navy sportsmans watch

Your dad doesn’t have to be a seaman to appreciate the detail and functionality of this U.S. Navy watch, but it might help. From the striking yet traditional design, to the precise quartz movement, to the symbolic inclusion of an eagle, flag, and crossed anchors, this handsome piece is everything a Navy man could want and more.

Baseball Stitching Tie

baseball stitching tie gifts for dad

Don’t wait for the seventh inning stretch to show you care when you can wrap up some gifts for dad that are sporty and chic. This silkscreened necktie features the unmistakable red-and-white chevron stitching you’d see on a baseball for major league excitement in a small, wearable package.

Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition

scrabble deluxe wooden edition

You may never beat Dad at a war of words, but you can at least admire the battlefield when you set up this beautifully made wooden Scrabble set. It’s a special edition, rotating board and raised tile grid included, so there’s no hiding your talent when you painstakingly spell out the word “cat,” you winner you.

The 500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes

500 worlds greatest golf holes

This book of golf course holes is like a wish list for Jack Nicklaus wannabes. From the pro anecdotes to pretty pics of some of the most scenic spots on the planet, this book is pure magic and one of the best gifts for dad.

Atari Flashback Retro Game Console

atari retro game console gifts for dad

Before there was XBOX, there was Atari, and life was good. Bring back the good old days with this console that includes 92 incredible games, two wireless controllers and an adapter so Dad can once again master Centipede, Asteroids, and Jungle Hunt on whatever TV is available.

Man Candle

man candle gifts for dad

Vanilla and rose. Grapefruit and thyme. Cupcakes and chocolate. These combos may speak to a lady’s nose, but many guys crave scents that are a little more dirt-inspired and woodshop-ready. Man Candles reek of things like freshly mowed grass and pizza, making Dad’s nose tingle in all the right ways.

The Sopranos: Complete Series Blu-Ray

the sopranos complete series on blu-ray

Join Tony and the gang for the complete run of the most famous mob series in television history, plus five hours of bonus footage, or else you’ll sleep with the fishes. Most gifts for dad only stay useful for a few minutes, this gift will keep him in front of the TV for more than three days!

Quadcopter Drone

quadcopter drone gifts for dad

If you think this thing looks ridiculously awesome, you’re right — but it performs even better. Choose this as a Christmas gift for your father and he’ll be utterly giddy as he captures images using the built-in HD camera and indulges in a VR experience he won’t get anywhere else!

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