Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Our gift experts have curated 53 unique and thoughtful personalized Christmas gift ideas for boys

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Your Road Map to Great Gifts for Boys from 3 to 19-Years-Old

No matter how old they are, boys will be boys, which means that they grow up, learn and evolve over the years like everyone else! The gift he loved last year will not be cool this year. Here's an age specific break down of what to get that little, or not so little now, guy.


3-4 (preschool)

Discovery, silly and fun are what these little ones are all about. Inspire them to look at books, pretend, play ball, do simple puzzles, play music and build simple structures, or color, paint or sculpt.


5 (kindergarten)

This is when the kiddos get into learning and playing on a new level from making art to playing pretend to obsessing over favorite characters. These kiddos are full of energy and passion.


6-9 (elementary)

Whether they’re collecting something already, ask them!, or want to take their ability to make stuff to places they haven’t gone before, it’s time to help them dive deeper into their strengths and passions.


9-12 (tween)

The tween years are all about personalizing their stuff and their space, whether literally with their name or with gifts that make their space uniquely theirs. They’re ready to start staking some claims on their world!


13-14 (middle school)

During these years, kids are all about showing off to their friends. Check in to see what brands and ideas they’re into and don’t stray unless you want to share something that was pivotal to your own early teen years.


15-17 (high school)

At this point, teens usually at least “think” they know exactly who they are and what they want. Surprise them with something as unique as they are from an awesome experience to a gag gift that'll get a guaranteed chuckle.


18-19 (adulting)

Help them transition to adulthood with gifts that align with who they are now and who they can be in the future. Focus on gifts that help them live more independently, be more professional, plan for the future, remember their past or inspire them to do more now.


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