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Gifts for Dad:Name A Star
Gifts for Dad:Water Bottle With Storage Compartment
Gifts for Dad:Acre Of Land On The Moon
Gifts for Dad:A Plot Of Land In Ireland
Gifts for Dad:Adventure Gifts
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Pocket Knife
Gifts for Dad:Beer Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Dollar Bill Toilet Paper
Gifts for Dad:Ride Shotgun In A Stock Car
Gifts for Dad:Around The World Beer Bucket
Gifts for Dad:Mens Personalized Spa Robe
Gifts for Dad:Helicopter Tours
Gifts for Dad:Flexible Tablet Stand
Gifts for Dad:Hot Sauce Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Ticket Stub Diary
Gifts for Dad:Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass
Gifts for Dad:1 Acre Of Land On Planet Mars
Gifts for Dad:Variety Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Deep Sea Sand Art
Gifts for Dad:Jerky Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Grilling Tool Set
Gifts for Dad:My Life Story - So Far
Gifts for Dad:Merlot Infused Coffee
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Leather Dopp Kit
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Chopsticks
Gifts for Dad:Personalized 5 Slot Watch Box
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Coffee Mugs
Gifts for Dad:Learn To Fly
Gifts for Dad:Portable Photo Printer
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Padded Bleacher Seat
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Whiskey Barrel
Gifts for Dad:Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket
Gifts for Dad:Fishing And Camping Cooler Chair
Gifts for Dad:Real Moon Rock
Gifts for Dad:Happy Birthday Gift Tower
Gifts for Dad:1980s Classic Retro Candy Gift Box
Gifts for Dad:Beardo Original Beard Hat
Gifts for Dad:New York Times Custom Birthday Book
Gifts for Dad:Race Car Driving Experiences
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Birthday Beer Mugs
Gifts for Dad:Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food
Gifts for Dad:Aquabot Bottle & Sprayer
Gifts for Dad:Farting Coin Bank
Gifts for Dad:Zip Lining Experiences
Gifts for Dad:Memory Lane Personalized Canvas
Gifts for Dad:Toilet Mug
Gifts for Dad:Personalized BBQ Grill Set
Gifts for Dad:Wine Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Coffee Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Avocado Tree Starter Kit
Gifts for Dad:Personalized BBQ Branding Iron
Gifts for Dad:Talking Toilet Paper Holder
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Silver Pocket Watch
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Ticket Stub Scrapbook
Gifts for Dad:F Bomb Paperweight
Gifts for Dad:The North Face E-Tip Gloves
Gifts for Dad:Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Duffel Bag
Gifts for Dad:The Encyclopedia Of Immaturity
Gifts for Dad:LED Pocket Video ProjectorLaptops (PP60)
Gifts for Dad:Book Safe With Key
Gifts for Dad:Canon SELPHY Photo Printer
Gifts for Dad:Personalized BBQ Branding Iron
Gifts for Dad:LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
Gifts for Dad:Toilet Putting Practice Green
Gifts for Dad:Indoor Basketball Hoop
Gifts for Dad:SOL Origin Survival Kit
Gifts for Dad:What If?: Serious Scientific Answers To..
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Leather Portfolio
Gifts for Dad:Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler
Gifts for Dad:Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Money Clip Wallet
Gifts for Dad:Rechargeable Heated Insole
Gifts for Dad:Heated Seat Cushion With Lumbar Support
Gifts for Dad:Indoor Snowball Fight
Gifts for Dad:Foldable Trunk Organizer
Gifts for Dad:Cigar Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Chocolate Gift Basket Classic
Gifts for Dad:Wine & Beer Experiences
Gifts for Dad:Original Beer Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Coin Bank With Working Gauge
Gifts for Dad:Amazon Echo
Gifts for Dad:The Butt Station
Gifts for Dad:Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask
Gifts for Dad:Football Stadium Chip And Dip
Gifts for Dad:CouchCoaster: Weighted Drink Holder
Gifts for Dad:Chocolate Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Beer Growler
Gifts for Dad:Trunk Organizer And Cooler Set
Gifts for Dad:GoPro HERO3
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Beer Mugs
Gifts for Dad:Hot Cup Warmer For All Cups
Gifts for Dad:Overlap Tray
Gifts for Dad:Mug With A Hoop
Gifts for Dad:Bacon Of The Month Club
Gifts for Dad:Race A Lamborghini
Gifts for Dad:Prescription Coffee Mug
Gifts for Dad:Desktop Miniature Toolbox
Gifts for Dad:Personalized Family Bible
Gifts for Dad:Never Have I Ever

Expert Tips

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Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Gifts for Dad

The answer depends on who your dad is. Sure, he's the man who raised you, but he's also an individual with his own interests and opinions. Cater to the man who was your very first role model and is your biggest supporter with a gift that says, "I love you unconditionally, too."


Consider his interests

Is dad the sporty type? Golf lessons might fit him to a "tee." Is he a top-notch chef? Try a customized apron or a killer set of cookware. There's something out there to delight every kind of dad.


Introduce him to a new hobby

Did dad just retire? Sounds like he might need something new to fill up his time and stimulate his mind. A home-brewing kit or a chess set are a few ways to keep dad active - and far from bored.


Play up his personal style

Sometimes the best gifts for dad are things that make him feel dapper. You know dad's personal style; now kick it up a notch with little things like cuff links or cool shades, or more statement-making pieces like a blazer or even a bow tie.


Feed him

Yes, you know what they say about the way to a man's heart. You may already have dad's heart, but that doesn't mean you can't still please his stomach. A monthly food subscription or a basket full of magnificent munchies are some of the best gifts for dad.


Educate him

People who love to learn never stop looking for opportunities to educate themselves. If this sounds like dad, gift him a historical book or a documentary DVD set that will enrich his mind.


Comfort him

Maybe he wears a suit to work. Maybe it's a uniform. Whatever his daytime get-up, when he gets home, a hardworking dad just wants to kick back and relax. Help him get comfy with a luxurious robe, a warm set of flannel PJs, or an oh-so-cushy pair of slippers.


Deck out his man cave

If dad's got a spot that's all his own, help him fill it up with things he'll love to be surrounded by. Wall hangings, throw blankets, and picture frames with photos of the family are a few good places to start.

Gift Guides

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BBQ Gift Ideas that Dad Will Savor

Shopping for Dad is not so hard if you think about what he loves. Good barbecue! In fact, your dad is a bit of a grillmaster out there on the weekends (and weekdays, rainy days, whenever!). So upgrade his grilling toolkit with gifts that make it easy to make some tasty barbecue. We scoped out gift ideas that feel like the ultimate splurge to small gifts that add that oh-so-perfect flavor. And any of these gifts will up Dad's barbecue game.

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Click into Tech Gifts that Will Score Big with Dad

This year, you want to go all-in on gifts for Dad that charge him up in a good way. Clearly, that's not going to be fun socks for the guy who loves anything that's powered by a USB. That's why we stepped up the search for what's the latest and greatest in tech, what gadgets are most useful, and what's simply fun to play with in this ultimate gift list of tech ideas. Because Dads need toys, too.

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Gifts for Dad That Channel His Sense of Humor

Shopping for dads is no laughing matter. There's a lot to consider with likes, dislikes — not to mention Dad's wacky sense of humor. Here's a way to make it easy on you. Focus in on funny gifts for that guy who appreciates a good joke like no one else. We've scouted out gifts big and small for dads — with ideas that all tickle his funny bone since he's always up for a good laugh.

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So Many Awesome Gifts for Your Rad Dad, Right Here!

Dad looks to you to know what's cool and what's not. And you don't want to let him down with some gift that's expected, ordinary, or simply ho-hum. Nope, cool gifts are the focus here, and we've got you covered with a long list of gift ideas that are just what dads want. We're thinking outside-the-box with cool gifts that show Dad he's hands-down the coolest father. He'll be feeling the love.

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Gift Ideas for Dad That He'll Never Suspect

Out of everyone, Dad is the hardest to shop for. And here’s why. He’s pretty much got everything he needs. So how do you surprise him? How do you find a gift he'll really love? It’s not easy, we get it. That’s why we’re digging deep with gift ideas that are less than expected. Follow this gift list for how to crack the code on finding gifts for Dad, that he'll never suspect.

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The Ultimate Gift List for Your Papa Bear Dad

Dads don’t expect much when it comes to gifts and special occasions. But that doesn’t mean you should give any less. Instead, surprise him with more! More gifts that make him laugh. More gifts that he’ll actually use. More gifts that show you thought ahead to give a gift that really speaks to him. Because he deserves it. This gift list delivers on all that, and more.

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The Don't-Feel-Clueless List of Gift Ideas for Dad

Dads don’t often give out clues as to what gifts they'd like. Your dad probably hasn’t drawn up a wishlist, or mentioned something he’d like while out running errands. He’s a bit of a mystery. But you don’t want to be shopping blindly for what to give Dad. That’s why we tapped the most-liked gifts for dads to make it easy on you. Here’s a handy gift guide to impress dad with the right gift without prying him for information.

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