Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100)

Best Gift Ideas of 2020

Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Jerky Of The Month Club
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Lunch & Dinner Cruises
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Adventure Gifts
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Personalized Golf Club Markers
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Coffee Of The Month Club
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Zip Lining Experiences
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Bacon Freak Breakfast Feast
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):100% Leather Wallet With 100 Year Warranty
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Tumi Mens Slim Billfold
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):8GB USB Drive For Keychain
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Golf Club Bottle Opener
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):Rechargeable Heated Insole
Stocking Stuffers for Dad (Under $100):The Sopranos: Complete Series Blu-Ray

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The Scoop on Shopping Stocking Stuffers for Dad

Dad may not sweat the small stuff, but he loves a good find like nobody else. So when you're thinking about stocking stuffers for dad, you'll want to seek out something small that will catch his eye. That's why we created this thoughtful guide for how to shop stocking stuffers for dad, as he's a toughie to shop for when it's Christmas time. He's also the most wonderfully vocal when you hit on the little find that he didn't know about. All the more reason to plan it out.


Mom Knows Best

Your mom knows just about anything, including what gift costs less than $15 and would make your dad’s day. Keep in mind she’s been buying him gifts for years, so she probably has this down to a science.


Fine Taste

Does your dad really dig getting the best of the best? (Don’t we all!) You can deliver on that even in a stocking stuffer. Just pick one thing, rather than a set, and then get the top-of-the-line version of it. He’ll be impressed with his mighty-fine grill tongs.


Tagged and Identified

Does your dad like things to be in order? Then think of a fun, manly way to tag and identify his most favorite things. You can find custom leather tags to I.D. what’s on the bar cart or give his frequent-flying luggage a fresh tag before the next takeoff.


Think Survivor

Are you going the gadget route with stocking stuffers for dad? Then keep in mind little tools or gadgets that channel his survival instincts — to be prepared for anything (like a tiny flashlight to keep in the car.)


Manly Sweets

Is your dad a rugged dude who also happens to have the biggest sweet tooth? Then look for little treats that are a combination, like a chocolate bacon bar.


Chilled Out

Whether he’s a whiskey man or prefers a cold brew, there are all sorts of solutions for keeping his drink of choice chilled. From ice trays in unusual shapes (so the ice doesn’t water down his drink) to stones to keep his spirits chilled.


Beyond Family

Who would you reach out to beyond family if you were organizing a surprise party for your dad? Bowling buddies? His business partner? Sometimes asking family for ideas leads nowhere, because they’re equally stumped on what to give dad. That’s when it might be best to email a buddy of his to see if he has any clues about what dad would want this year.


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