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Surprise! A Guide to Totally Awesome 13th Birthday Gift Ideas
Hold on to your hats, these kids are not kids anymore! 13 is officially the first year of teenager-dom and it comes barreling in like a thunderstorm in most cases. Early teens are struggling with their new conflicting desires to be independent from adults and to fit in with peers. This is not an easy age but most kids turning thirteen are more than excited to make the leap forward. You can help them by giving them a gift that encourages them to grow into their new age bracket.   

Discover Self-Identity
These kids are trying hard to figure out who they are and what matters to them. They're probably trying out different fashion statements and styles of speaking. Observe or ask about what they're trying on for size these days and help them complete the circuit.

Inspire Self-Expression
By this age, they have a pretty solid idea of what they're good at creatively, and so do you. Get them something that will help them feel more like a professional to encourage them to take their talent seriously.

Help Keep Secrets
Teenagers like to keep lots of secrets. They aren't sure about what they're thinking or feeling at any given moment and don't want to be judged for it. That's why journals and other writing gifts are a great outlet that keeps secrets safe without keeping them locked inside.

Celebrate Super Fans
Chances are this kid's room is covered in images of someone or something. Add to their collection!

Encourage Tech Obsessions
If they don't have a phone, they are begging for one every second of the day by now. They also could be getting into real web design, coding, robotics, video editing and other tech hobbies that could lead to really successful careers. Encourage that with a gift!

Get Serious About School
School starts to become a priority for a lots of kids at this age. Ask what their favorite subject is or what their educational goals are and get them a gift to inspire them even more.

Collecting Grown Up Stuff
Make-up, dress shirts, music, cologne, plants, fish, whatever you were obsessed with that you saw older people collecting when you were a kid are the same 13th birthday gift ideas that you should consider today.

Keeping Appearances
Teenagers are famous for spending a ridiculous amount of time in the bathroom. Get them some gifts that you know they'll actually use by giving them trendy bath, shower and other grooming products.