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A Guide to the Perfect 4th Anniversary Gift for Traditional or Modern Couples
While each anniversary has a traditional gift category, the designations have evolved over time to serve modern couples. That means you can take your pick from a range of categories and still uphold classic anniversary gift-giving guidelines like a true romantic! Here are some ways to find the 4th anniversary gifts that mean the most:

Stay tried and true
Fruit and flowers symbolize creativity, fertility, hope, and renewal, and they're the traditional categories for 4th anniversary gifts. Play with the materials by selecting a work of art that incorporates fruits and florals, or a piece of jewelry or a tie that shows these symbols. And if you're the literal type, you can never go wrong with an armful of blooms and a box of chocolate-covered strawberries.

Stick with the classics
Linen and silk are also 4th anniversary gift materials. A summery tablecloth for your home, perhaps? Or maybe lingerie or silk sheets. Either way, it's a gift for both of you.

Reinterpret the rules
The modern 4th anniversary gift designation is appliances. It may not sound hugely romantic, but consider your partner's likes and hobbies. Does he bake? A shiny new mixer fits the bill. Coffee lover? Consider a fancy espresso machine. 

Get personal
Enlarge your favorite wedding photo and frame it to put up in your home as a reminder to celebrate your relationship daily. Or create a photo book of memories from the last four years - the first page can be a wedding photo, because that's when it all began.

Plan an event
Whether it's an evening out at the restaurant your spouse has longed to try or the fulfillment of her dream of flying in a hot air balloon, anniversaries are the perfect time to create memorable moments with an experience gift. 

Go blue
Blue topaz is the stone of the 4th anniversary year, so jewelry or cufflinks with this stone carry extra meaning (plus, the color is gorgeous).

Make a memory
Plant a flowering tree in the yard so that you can watch your gift grow. It's a lovely reminder of how a marriage, when tended to, can flourish and bloom year after year.