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What to Do and What to Give: 70th Birthday Ideas
Some pretty major milestones in life seem to happen around a 70th birthday - a recent retirement, grandparent status, even a new (downsized) home perhaps. But mostly, 70th birthday ideas should center on how this birthday marks the dawning of the Golden Years, when it's a-ok to just relax and enjoy each day. Here's how to celebrate the good life with the best 70th birthday gifts. As for the party, remember no one wants to see 70 candles on the cake!

Give 70th birthday ideas for filling in that free time
Turning 70 means saying goodbye to the grind and hello to hobbies. Think about favorite hobbies and leisure activities or how she plans to spend all that newfound free time. Common hobbies include golfing, gardening, chess, or something simple like making the very best strawberry jam for everyone in the family. Then seek out 70th birthday ideas that make it easier for her to do what she loves.

Encourage the slowdown
Part of savoring this new life phase is finding peace in a slower lifestyle. And for some, that's not an easy transition. Think on 70th birthday gifts that help him take it easy. From a foot massage to a kitchen tool that's all about the process, rather than the time (like a cheesemaking kit or breadmaker).

Help celebrate the past in a personal way
Technology is tough for this age group, but he or she appreciates all you can do thanks to technology. Take the tech reigns and pull together a family cookbook, storytelling keepsake, or photo album that comes together in a flash thanks to the wonder of digital technology.

Upgrade an everyday essential
Maybe your mom is the best cook you know, but her peppermill is ancient and needs to be replaced. Think on practical 70th birthday gifts that improve upon everyday tools that are past their prime.

Focus on the milestone number
With special birthdays, like turning 70, some of the most meaningful gifts are the most creative. Think on 70th birthday ideas that relate to the number. Maybe it's a collection of notes or photos in the shape of 70 or a thoughtful slideshow of 70 moments from the olden days.