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6 Tips for Brilliant 75th Birthday Gift Ideas
No matter how well you know them, 75 year olds are tough to shop for! They have everything. In fact, they're most likely trying to get rid of stuff altogether. But, of course, you still want to celebrate this incredible milestone birthday. We've done some digging and have come up with a few tips and tricks so that you can give 75th birthday gifts that really count.

Focus on Their Actual Birth Date
Commemorative gifts that show what life was like the year, month, week or even day that they were born are always an interesting piece of history to give at this age. So much will have changed!

Honor Their Life
Did he or she do something really cool in his or her lifetime? Show them you're proud of that with a gift that pays homage to their special talent, experience or career.

Look to the Future
Just because they're 75 doesn't mean that they don't have more life left in them. Far from it! Give a gift that gets them out of the house and doing something that will keep them busy and thinking for weeks, months and years to come. Maybe the two of you can try something new together and make a memory?

Remember Your Bond
However you know each other, you're bound to have some special memories together by now. Think about one of your favorites and commemorate it with a gift. Enjoy the reminiscing.

Update Their Look
Most people in their 70s are wearing clothes for 10 years or more as long as they stay the same size. Update their wardrobe a little bit with a piece or two or some accessories that can help them feel like they haven't gotten lost in time completely.

This is a great age to coordinate a big bash. They're old but not so old that they can't party. Start planning early and get the family involved in making it happen. It's like a reunion with balloons and cake! The pictures will be priceless.