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How to Whip Up the Best Gifts For Bakers
The way to anyone's heart can be found through yummy, gooey, sweet-smelling homemade treats. So it's safe to assume that the baker in your life has surely won your affections. Think about how the art of baking is an exact science - just ask anyone who's ever substituted a tablespoon for a teaspoon or mixed up baking powder for baking soda. Well, the art of giving gifts for bakers, that too requires some skills. Consider this guide your personal recipe for success to finding unique baking gifts that won't disappoint.

Fragrance Clues

Ask your baker about their favorite scents — maybe it’s vanilla bean or cinnamon buns in the oven. There are so many sweet smells in baking, and knowing what’s at the top of their list can lead you to a gift idea (artisanal vanilla extract, check!).

Receiving End

What baked goods do you normally receive from your baking star? Cookies? Breads? Then think on personalized baking gifts related to their favorite things to bake.

Cookbook Snob

Chances are your baker already has a stack of cookbooks. Next time you’re there, check out the bookshelf so you know what she has and what she loves. Does she have a dog-eared Martha Stewart baking bible or do most of her cookbooks discuss the shortcut methods to baking? When in doubt, do some sleuthing to see if she has an Amazon Wishlist of which cookbooks she wants.

Pretty Presentation

Bakers by nature tend to focus on presentation. After all, that piped icing doesn’t go on by itself. Browse the baking aisle for ways to up her presentation game — remember to keep in mind what she loves to bake (cakes, pies, cookies).

Sweet and Sentimental

Think on baking gifts for her that tie in her favorite pastime and family traditions. There are so many creative ways to pull together recipes, especially ones that have become tradition in your family. You can help her take a tasty trip down memory lane.

Precisely Right

Remember this when shopping gifts for bakers: Bakers are typically perfectionists to some degree. Look for gifts that help bakers keep ingredients stored, precisely measured, and visually organized.

Holiday Sweets

And don't overlook some of the best-loved baking gifts are dishes and baking tools related to the holidays! Besides the biggie Christmas holiday (with cookie cutters and peppermint treats), you can think on gifts for bakers to use for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving pies. Help your baker show her sweet side for any holiday!


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