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Quick Ways to Find Christmas Gifts for Your Friends
Christmas gifts for friends are a way of cementing who's in your tribe. And friends are some of the most fun people to shop for - as you feel ridiculously happy to have someone in your life who likes long chatty brunches or fishing trips as much as you. You want to show your friend that you care, with a gift that feels spot on. What you're short on is time (and maybe funds), so we're sharing some tips for scoring Christmas gifts for your friends.

Destination Known

Before shopping Christmas gifts for friends on the cheap, you want to consider where your friends live. Is your tribe still together in the same hometown — in which case you can even deliver gifts in person? Or are you spread out all over the country and need to factor in shipping costs (even on that budget gift idea)?

One For All

To keep things simple on your end, come up with one idea to give as Christmas gifts for all your friends. It will help the budget and streamline your shopping list to shop in multiples. Just make sure the gift is something you really love and want to share with all — like a to-die-for chocolate for your fellow foodies.

Stubborn Solutions

If you’re laboring over Christmas gifts for guy friends, look no further. Keep it simple. What could he need? What does he do now that defies common sense? For example, if he’s the guy that refuses to wear gloves even in the dead of winter, look for hand warmers. Because you know him well.

Packaged Gift

Sometimes you’ll spot the perfect gift set that could work for everyone on the list (like that packaged set of beer tasting glasses.) Go with it! With one purchase, you’ll have gifts for the whole crew.

Confession Time

Think about sending out an email to friends to create some parameters for gift shopping this year — so no one feels like they need to outdo one another. Everyone else may be in the same boat of feeling cash-strapped — in which case setting a simple budget (or doing a Secret Santa exchange instead) would help everyone feel the giving spirit.

Start a Club

Your crew has been friends for decades, but it’s been years since you played up in the treehouse. No better time than the present to think on Christmas gifts for friends that pull you all together. Start an unofficial club that’s all about your shared love of books or craft brews, and give gifts that get your newfound club off the ground.

Presentation Points

Keep in mind that your impossibly cool friends know what’s up before it’s all over the internet. So packaging and presentation matters. You can give something as simple as Christmas cookies, but be sure to dress up that cookie jar (check Pinterest for ideas) so it feels more gift-y chic.

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