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7 Ways to Find Fab Christmas Gifts for Your Parents
Parents do and do, and then do some more. Think about how many times your mom has rubbed your back over the years. Or consider how many ways dad has bailed you out of a tough spot, with his fix-it expertise or his way of saying a hilarious remark when you need it most. Christmas is the perfect time to "do" for your parents. So here's how to shop Christmas gifts for parents and return a little love.

Parent Trap

When you think on Christmas gifts for the old parents, think about how often they can grab one-on-one time together. Then set a parent trap with a gift that pulls them together for an experience just for them, no kids allowed.  

Make Life Easier

If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for elderly parents, what’s something that could make them more comfortable? Is their car in good shape or is the engine rattling? Do they never get out to restaurants but love good food? You can have pretty much anything delivered to their door. Or you can shop locally for maintenance services they might need. Practical gifts make their everyday easier.

Crisis Averted

The stereotypical midlife crisis stems from reaching an age where you realize the clock is ticking — and you want to experience more. When you’re stumped on Christmas gifts for parents who have everything, look to avert any midlife mania. Would mom love to make pottery by hand? Would dad love to race a car just once? Give parents something fresh and exciting.

Specific Solutions

Do a little sleuthing to find out the specifics on what your parents like. Sure, mom may love wearing fragrance, but you want to know which scents she loves (flowery, musky, or notes of citrus?). Make sure to find out if your parent is brand loyal when it comes to a specific gift, too.

Tech Aversion

Be sensitive to what your parents are comfortable with, especially in the tech world. If your mom is barely able to work her TV remote, that latest digital gizmo is going to be an over-her-head gadget fail. Don’t push far past your parent’s comfort zone.

Alone or Together

It’s a reality that many parents are divorced, separated, or widowed. Be sensitive to where your parents are on this spectrum. If you’re shopping Christmas gifts for older parents who may not have a companion, steer away from experience gifts that are more fun as a pair. That’s when it’s time to insert yourself into the experience or choose something else altogether.  

Box Over Envelope

You may think gift cards make the best Christmas gifts for your parents who have everything, but that’s actually false. Gift cards are easy to get lost or forgotten. Choose an actual gift from that shop you were thinking about. Just get a gift receipt if you’re unsure about your choice.