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Your Guide to Spotting Squeal-Worthy Gifts for 6-Year-Olds
Early school-age kids are interested in having fun, learning things, doing creative projects and getting sporty. In short, there's no limit to the gifts they'll adore. Here are some guidelines for finding the perfect gifts for six-year-olds.

Be Whimsical
From quirky lights to string up in a child's bedroom to a unique toy that fascinates or an unusual keepsake to display, kids love gifts with a hint of magic - no practicality required.

Go Literary
Six-year-olds are starting to read, and picking out a book that appeals to their interests is both thoughtful and educational. You can even choose a personalized story that incorporates the child into the narrative.

Game On
Children this age take pleasure in games of skill, cooperative games, and puzzles. Pick one up for guaranteed fun, possibly for the whole family!

Inspire Creativity
Art supplies, crafting kits and DIY building materials are the perfect gifts for 6-year-olds. They can send a child's imagination in all kinds of directions.

Get Personal
Kids love feeling ownership over their things, and nothing signifies that more than a monogrammed gift. From pillows to frames to towels to utensils, putting a child's name on it makes it extra special.

Gear Up
Kids need various backpacks, water bottles, and lunch boxes and school supplies are always welcome gifts for six-year-olds!

Go Sporty
From baseball to gymnastics to ballet to soccer, at six, kids love to play. Give your little athlete sporting gear or sports-themed apparel with their favorite team logos - you'll hear an instant cheer.

Go Tech
Tech toys for young kids have come a long way. Now you can have your 6-year old coding, making movies and designing before he or she can even do algebra. 

Make it Sweet
Sending a basket of baked goods or a yummy cake or other treat is always fun for little kids to dig into and fun for you to pick out, too!