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Your Must-See Guide to Shopping for Binge TV Watchers
There's a special breed of entertainment junkies known as the binge TV watchers. These men and women can watch an entire season of a TV show in one weekend. You may find them reciting lines from last night's show around the water cooler at work. Sometimes you may even catch them talking about a TV character like a friend. Here's how to channel in on a perfect gift for your TV superfan.

Highest Rating

Does your binge TV watcher have an all-time favorite sitcom? That’s important to know. Maybe it’s a show from their formative years or maybe it’s a new classic series. You can be sure your couch potato will get the nostalgic warm fuzzies with a memento that recalls that most-awesome show.

One Liners

Can your binge TV watcher recite lines from a favorite show? Look for ways to have a favorite quote personalized into a gift — whether it’s cross-stitched to hang on the wall or screen-printed for an everyday tote bag.

Group Viewing

Does your binge TV watcher like to get together with friends to watch a show? Then, think on gifts that make it easier to entertain while everyone’s camped out on the sofa. A gift as simple as coasters (themed to the show) would set the tone for a fun night.

Binge List

For true binge TV watchers, there is likely a binge list of what shows are next on dock. Do some snooping around Facebook or check in with the roomies to find out what’s on that list. Then surprise! Gift your favorite TV buff with the complete season (or this month’s Hulu or Netflix subscription on your tab.)

Super Fans

Some binge TV watchers are so into a particular show, they may compare real-life experiences with a plotline the characters went through. That’s a true super fan! So you can be sure that small themed gifts (accessory or funny coffee mugs) connected to the show make creative gift ideas. Your gift may even soften the blow when the season or show ends.

Distractions, Please

Is your binge TV watcher in literal sweats about what to do now that the season finale has aired? You can’t change the ending to their favorite TV series, but you can give a distraction for something fun to do. Look for experience gifts for your binge TV watcher — bonus points if you find a cool experience that can be slotted into primetime.

Let's Discuss

Do you love to discuss what happened last night on a TV show with a co-worker, friend, or your better half? The best gift for that fellow binge TV watcher includes gourmet snacks and some wine or beer (or drink of choice) to gather together and discuss the show. Because you’re all hopelessly hooked!

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