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A Thoughtful Guide to Gift Ideas for Nurses
In the realm of caretakers, nurses rank pretty high. Reward the empathy of these selfless medical professionals with a gift that shows appreciation, kindness, and TLC. Here are some glowing gift ideas for nurses. 

Give Something Symbolic
If you want to be clever yet genuine in your gifting approach, try a personal object or accessory that bears a medical symbol. Some examples include jewelry or clothing that bear the symbol of vital signs or a mug or tote bag emblazoned with a stethoscope design.

Be the Caretaker
Nurses take care of patients for a living, so they'd appreciate if someone took the time to care for them. A gift certificate for a facial, a comfy fleece blanket, or an at-home spa machine are all ways to help nurses pamper themselves once in a while.

Save Her Feet
One things about nurses not everyone realizes? They're on their feet all day (hence the comfy footwear). An at-home foot massager, a foot spa, cozy slippers, or a gift certificate for a pedicure are great ways to soothe those aching tootsies!

Show Him How Sweet He Is
Whether it's candy, baked goods, or fruits, show the nurse in your life just how sweet he is with a gift that couldn't be more literal.

Gift Her with a Getaway
Its no secret that nurses work long hours. Who deserves an escape more than the person who worked tirelessly to nurse you back to health when you needed it most? A day trip, a weekend getaway, or an adventure package could be all she needs to push the reset button and focus on her own health for a while!

Take Care of Dinner
Remember those long hours he works? The last thing a nurse wants to do after a 15-hour shift is cook dinner. Sign him up for a dinner delivery service, so he can finally unwind when he gets home at night - even if it's the middle of the night.