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How to Find #TheBest Gifts for Any Social Media Enthusiast
Social media is a part of everyone's life, but you know those people on your shopping list who are true social media enthusiasts. They share across multiple social media accounts. They upload and hashtag faster than you can say "Instagram". They delight in new followers the way coffee lovers delight in a free cup of joe. Pin this set of shopping tips and find gifts for any social media enthusiasts who you heart (for reals).

Main Stream

It’s true that social media enthusiasts will have accounts set up on most everything — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Periscope, YouTube — you name it. But often, there’s one media stream that gets their main focus (and the rest are duplicate shares or for special instances.) Find a gift that plays on their main feed. For example, if it’s Twitter, get a gift that puts a bird on it. Look for thumbs-up gifts for Facebook fans. Or search out a heart theme for the Pinterest addict.

Hashtag Happy

The hashtag has become part of our social culture. So much so, you can even find gifts that play on this tweet-errific way to share a thought with minimal characters — from hashtag necklaces to quirky accents for the home.

Instagram Friendly

Nowadays, there are more and more ways to get all that digital media printed and in the home to enjoy in another realm. Look for photo books and photography gifts that have options for Instagram-size squares. Since you know your social media enthusiast mostly snaps Instagrams.

Main Concept

The underlying concept of any social media is that you’re following someone or some cause you love. So look to see what groups or causes are on their favorites list. If there’s a charity, you could consider a donation in their name. If you stumble on a collection of buyable items, you instantly can zone in on a gift you know they’ll love.

Portable Power

Social media enthusiasts find few things more crushing than seeing their phone or tablet is at 5% power and about to shut down. Crisis! So look for fun ways to give the gift of portable power — chargers have stepped into the design realm to feel and look like giftable items.

Photography Flare

It goes without saying that photography plays a big role in the day-to-day life of a social media enthusiast. Photos compose thoughts and ideas into pretty square formats, and ultimately build your social media maven’s brand. Check out Photojojo and other photo resources for discovering what new lens or gadget you could add to your social media enthusiast’s oh-so-important phone.

Get Unplugged

Consider a gift that’s the very opposite of a tech-centered gift. After all, the best social media successes share real world experiences. Remind your social media guru to get out and experience the world through their eyes (not a camera’s click) with some adventure that’s all about being unplugged.

What about some photography or artsy gifts?