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How to Discover Teen Gift Ideas That Will Truly Impress
Teens are tough - and we don't just mean when they're being defiant. They're tough to shop for - because their interests vary and because you run the risk of getting them something that's simply not cool enough. Give it the old college (or high school?) try with these tips for teen gift ideas that rock.

Boost the Beedroom
When they're not at school, participating in extracurricular activities, or out with friends, teens spend a lot of time in their rooms. The bedroom is a teen's sanctuary, to help increase its haven factor with décor that ranges from stylish to whimsical. The more colorful, comfortable, or unique, the better.

Rustle Up Some Fitness Gear
Whether they play sports or prefer to hit the gym, teens like to - or at the very least should - stay fit. Keep it fun with yoga gear, outdoor sports equipment, bicycles, or group sports gear. A healthy body equals a healthy attitude.

Experiment with Consumer Electronics
Everyone knows that teens are digital natives so play it safe here. First, find out what your teen already has (even if she's your teen, you may not know!). Then gift her with a new gadget on the market. Is the budget not so big? Stick with an accessory like a cool smartphone case, a charging station, or a Bluetooth accessory.

Get Personal
Teens are known to be self-focused - and it isn't the worst thing. They're getting to know who they are and solidifying their identities. If you choose to play into this rather than avoid it, your teen will likely be ecstatic. Anything emblazoned with his name (or nickname) - from a jersey to a keychain - is in the top tier of teen gift ideas.

Help Them Document Their Lives
Some teens love to journal - so a leather journal might be just the right teen gift idea! But there are even more creative things that can help your teen keep tabs on her day-to-day (which can be very dramatic, mind you). A scrapbook to document everywhere she's gone and everything she's done or a photo collage frame to keep pics of her BFFs near and dear are bound to be major hits. One service even offers a way to write letters to her future self!

Encourage a new hobby
Whether it's a musical instrument, beginner sports equipment, or a model kit to bring out his inner engineer, something that will set your teen's sights on a new interest is a thoughtful gift that could make a major impact.

Prepare her for college
If your teen is dorm-bound, get her ready with a monogrammed laundry bag, a cozy robe, a set of brand new towels, some cool dorm-room décor, or a personalized photo album to stave off homesickness.