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Guide to Giving the Best Thank-You Gifts
Thank-you gifts can be spurred by any sort of event - a favor, an unexpected kindness, someone's ongoing support - even a colleague saving you from an embarrassing situation (been there!). No matter the circumstance, the right thank-you gifts can express your gratitude perfectly. Here's how to find the best gifts for the people who truly deserve them.

Serve up some TLC
This person you're thanking? Chances are she's in need of some care as well. Who isn't, really? Thank-you gifts provide an excellent opportunity to lavish your friend with something that will give them much-needed "me time." A lavender-scented lotion, neck pillow, or mini spa kit does the trick nicely.

Think outside of (their) box
A thank-you gift is an unexpected gift-giving opportunity, so why not go outside the recipient's comfort zone? A music or book genre he wouldn't typically go for, but that you're confident he'll love as much as you do. Go the extra mile by inscribing the book.

Stick with a classic
Your sincere thanks will remain in her thoughts longer than flowers, wine, or chocolates, but that doesn't mean she won't appreciate a sweet treat. They're classics for a reason: No one can resist! Plus, for those without a lot of space, a temporary gift is often the best kind.

Look to a book
Not just any book, but a stunning, inspiring coffee-table book that you know will make them smile every time they glance at the cover - or sit down to page through. Make it even more special by inscribing your own note on an inside page so she'll be able to look forward to your kind words every time she opens it.

Include his special ones
If the person you're in gratitude to has a partner, small children, or pets, he'll certainly enjoy a token he can share with other members of his family. A game he can play with little ones or a toy he'll enjoy breaking in with his pet is also another kind of gift: precious time spent with his their loved ones.

Let jewelry say it all
Thank-you gifts are, in a way, a small medal of honor for those small-to-large kindnesses. Let that guide you and gift your generous friend a piece of jewelry to wear as a token of your appreciation ? and her good deed. We guarantee she'll feel a surge of pride every time she looks in the mirror.