Christmas Gifts for Mom

Handpicked by Gift Experts

60 Hour Candle
$34.95 @ Thegrommet
Preserved Rose & Charm For Mom
$99.99 @ Bradfordexchange
Metronome Sleep Aid
$58.95 @ Thegrommet
Book Themed Scarfs
$48.00 @ Thegrommet
Peanut Butter Spoon
$11.95 @ Thegrommet
Glacier Rocks Wine Coolers
$28.99 @ ItsThoughtful
Wine Making Kit With Barrel
$159.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Your Life Newspaper Book
$154.99 @ ItsThoughtful
Custom Date Newspaper Book
$129.99 @ ItsThoughtful
Custom Vinyl Record
$175.00 @ ItsThoughtful
Color Me Floral
$29.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Vouchers For Mom
$10.00 @ ItsThoughtful
Trick Question
$24.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Language Playing Cards
$12.00 @ Uncommongoods
Letters To My Wonderful Mom
$20.00 @ ItsThoughtful
Name A Rose
$29.99 @ ItsThoughtful
Personalized Star Map
$45.00 @ Underluckystars
Moon Phase Necklace
$38.00 @ Thegrommet
Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket
$99.99 @ GourmetGiftBaskets
Lunch + Dinner Cruises
$90.00 @ cloud9living
Cotton Sarong & Towel
$39.95 @ Thegrommet
Best Thing About Mom Pillow
$31.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Mom Is My Best Friend Mug
$17.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Personalized Superhero Mom Canvas
$47.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Mom Interests Canvas
$47.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Amazing Mom Cushion
$31.99 @ Thepersonalizationco

Expert Tips

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Finding the Best Christmas Presents for Mom
She's the first woman in your life and she deserves an extra-special holiday. There's a lot to consider when searching for Christmas presents for Mom - What's her personality? What are passions? You want to give Mom a gift that's uniquely her, so we've compiled a guide to finding the best Christmas presents for Mom. 

Make it Exotic
 Taking Mom away from the every day is always special, so why not go for a guided city tour or a scenic day cruise. You do the planning, she does the relaxing.

Choose Jewelry
You can't go wrong with a gorgeous new bracelet or necklace as a Christmas present for Mom - and she'll love it even more if it's personalized with family initials.

Fill Her Up
A dinner of the month club will ensure that Mom gets treated to a special meal on the regular. Add in wine of the month and chocolate of the month subscriptions, and she'll be dining like a queen, as she deserves.

Go with Gratitude
Whether it's a keepsake jar filled with tiny notes detailing what you love about your mom or a "Thank You Mom" award with heartfelt inscription, she'll treasure a tangible expression of your appreciation.

Personalize It
Choose a keepsake pillow emblazoned with family memories or a cookie jar or coffee mug decorated with loved ones' names. That way, she'll feel surrounded by love every day.

Pamper Her
Treat your mom to an indulgent gift she wouldn't purchase for herself. We suggest a towel warmer, a heated aqua-jet foot spa or a soft, fleece-lined slippers as some examples of luxurious, comforting Christmas presents for Mom.

Use Photos
Give her a visual reminder of the bond you share by turning precious family images into a blanket, framing them for a gorgeous display or commissioning a hand-drawn pencil sketch from a favorite picture.

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