Barbarian Pillager Beard Head Beanie

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You don't have to be a violent brute to wear the Barbarian Pillager Beard hat.The truth is, barbarians are severely misunderstood. Barbarian chic is both functional and fashionable. Instead of swords and arrows, the acrylic yarn headgear protects you from winter cold. The helmet's horns tell everyone you mean business while the soft braided mustache and beard show you can party—all while keeping your head and face toasty.Not everyone has been blessed with genes to grow a luxurious 20" beard, but don the Barbarian Pillager Beard Hat, and any babyfaced man or woman instantly transforms into a wild brute with an ultra-comfortable horned helmet and sick beard.Become an unstoppable destroyer of bitter chill with the Barbarian Pillager Beard Hat.

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