Handsome Man Grooming Can

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When you need a martini, you call up James Bond. When you need a heaping helping of masculine essentials, you reach for Duke Cannon's Handsome Man Grooming Can. It's a 7-piece ode to all kinds of manly fundamentals, giving your better half (or so he thinks) an all-in-one way to groom, heal, and protect himself from wind, rain, and life in general. Ideal for your husband, son, father-in-law, dad, brother, or fun-loving boss, the Handsome Man Grooming Can shows the hardworking dude in your life that being clean and being macho aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. Forget flowery scents and pastel packaging - every item in this set passes the bro test with flying colors. Products have wide appeal and they're the perfect size for tossing in a briefcase or gym bag. Once the face wash, soap, and other supplies are all used up, this can's lucky recipient can use the paint can-like container to store anti-feminine fundamentals like beard trimmings and spare Rocky soundtracks. Even better, the clear sides make it easy to see what the can is supposed to be hiding. It's the gift that keeps on giving, both for some special guy and for you, since you'll finally get to enjoy your stud at his filth-free, smooth and shiny best. *Old school stetson and swanky ax sold separately. Specifications: This premium gift set contains a 7-piece variety of our best selling items and is packed in a see-through paint can which can be re-used to store fishing tackles, nuts and bolts, or maybe even paint Each can contains: Superior Grade Shaving Cream, Working Man's Face Wash, Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm, Cannon Balm and Cannon Balm 140 Tactical Lip Protectant, and two Big Ass Bricks of Soap (Naval Supremacy and Productivity)

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