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Wine is a funny thing. It can be bottled for years or even decades and emerge in fine form but it still needs an introduction of new oxygen to breathe itself back to life. When popping an older bottle leaves the crowd less than impressed, the issues is most likely lack of aeration. A little man-made CPR and that bold and beautiful Bordeaux or tannin-rich Cabernet can be back in balance in a matter of minutes - just in time for dinner. How can you help your favorite wine collector reanimate their collection? Give them a gift that keeps on giving with this TILT™ Variable Aerator in Box by HOST®. Rather than messing with fragile and expensive decanters or simply crossing their fingers and hoping that the next glass will taste a bit better, this gift's recipient can be confident in their Chardonnay when the big buttery beast is poured through a fitted aerator. The small gadget slides right into the mouth of a wine bottle and aerates as the wine is poured. Choose between mild, moderate, and heavy aeration to suit the wine and palates on hand and experience the change as the wine opens up, tannins mellow out, and everything comes brilliantly into balance. For the oenophile who values quality and has pride in their purchases, this aerator takes every pour to the next level. Details: Aerate to soften tannins and release flavor The more you "tilt" the more you aerate Accomodates Mild, Moderate, and Heavey Aeration Built-in stopper for preservation Made from BPA-free plastic

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