World War I Newspaper Collection

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History buffs of all ages will drool over this insightful and honest collection of reporting from "the war to end all wars" snaps you back in time to give you the feeling of the front lines on land and at sea. This hardcover collectors' item is bound in beautiful green leatherette and is loaded with carefully scanned articles from The Washington Post chronicling WWI from its beginning in 1914 with the murder of Archduke Ferdinand on June 29th to its end in 1918 with the details of the Armistice. Photographs and detailed descriptive reports from Europe and the world document the heinous scenes, battles, wins and losses, and personal stories of politicians struggling to make the "right moves" during this intense time. Just about everyone has a relative or knows someone who has a relative who fought in The Great War although most of them have passed by now, this book keeps their efforts and their stories alive. This book immortalizes the tyranny of war and the horrific battles that were fought in a way that brings war closer to home for younger generations that have not experienced war first hand. The gold embossed cover gives the book the dignity deserved by those who fearlessly fought against fascism. Personalize the gold embossing with the name of the person you're honoring with this gift. Be sure to carefully review your personalized copy because it will be printed exactly as you submit. Check for capitalization, spelling, etc. and double check that you have only used special characters that are supported. This time capsule of a book would make a thoughtful gift for a grandfather or father who heard the stories first hand from their relative. And it will bring younger generations closer to the events that defined their family's existence long after the war ended. It also makes a fascinating gift for the history teacher or political science major in your family. They'll get a unique peek into the most monumental moments throughout the war in words as it was perceived at the time. They'll watch the war spread, the events unfold, the struggle grow as the United States declares war with Germany all the way through to victory. Shipping: This book is personalized and printed on-demand in a state of the art facility. Each book goes through a rigorous printing and quality assurance process before it's shipped. The above process takes 8-12 business days to complete. This is in addition to the shipping time. Please be mindful of this timeline before placing your order. Specifications: Green leatherette binding Gold embossed cover with custom 25 character embossing Book measures 12 inches by 15 inches

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