Letters to Open on Your Birthday

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By Lea Redmond Birthdays are fun. There's cake, ice cream, balloons, streamers, and one very special wish when you blow out your candles. But what if you got more than one wish, and all those amazing thoughts came from your nearest and dearest friends? That's what Letters to Open on Your Birthday is all about. Each Letters to Open on Your Birthday booklet includes 12 letters with prompts to encourage the writer to offer up meaningful words guaranteed to make an impact. No hemming, hawing, or struggling with writer's block, just let the words flow. From well wishes for the next year to memories of birthdays gone by to general advice designed to make life even more lovely, the tidbits contained in these letters are the kind of sentimental presents people never forget. Write out all twelve letters yourself as a surprise for your friend or family member or gather a group of contributors for more variety and multiple birthday gifts in one convenient packet. The letters can be opened right in the middle of the party between pinning the tail and the donkey and falling into an icing coma, or they can be postdated for letters that offer messages specific to a future event. These letters are guaranteed to fit, won't ever disappoint, and are suitable for all ages and interests. What more could you want from a birthday gift? Filled out and sealed with the enclosed stickers, the letters make a meaningful gift for loved ones of any age.

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