My Life Story

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Life is a series of moments. Don't wait for the best bits to flash before your eyes - cherish every second with My Life Story, a massive diary that helps you catalog the events that make your life the incredible saga that it's in the process of becoming. More than just a diary, My Life Story is a place to track you from diapers to diapers, first cry to final smile, through the school years and career climb, highs, lows, and every kind of hurdle and unimaginable occurrence in between. There's space for a century of memories and it's your duty to document every incredible minute of it. Give this book as a baby shower gift and the parents-to-be can start their child's chronicles off on the right bootie-clad foot. By entering milestones such as initial height and weight, first smile (or was that gas?), and first steps, mom and dad are laying the groundwork for an epic life story. Coming to journaling late in life? Never fear, your story can start the day you get married, when you start a new job, or when you embark on the round-the-world trip you've always dreamt of taking. Write down your experiences, tuck in ticket stubs and photos, or sketch a picture of the sun setting over the hills of Connemara. This is your life in words and pictures - what tale do you want to tell? Specifications: A 100 year diary for you to record the events of a lifetime To help you remember the special moments you never want to forget - the people you've loved; the friends you've made; the places you've visited Record your achievements, make a note of favourite films/books/music/people, write down your ambitions, make a Things To Do Before I Die list Includes a map of the world, and one of your body If you're too young to fill it in right now, someone else can start it you; your first steps, first words, first day at school This is the story of your life

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