Bathroom Guest Book

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When you're sitting on the throne, sometimes you need a creative way to pass the time. Sit back, relax, and let the good times roll with this Bathroom Guest Book. Better than a dog-eared magazine and far less weird than a photo album or cookbook, this guest book gives your visitors a way to, um, relieve themselves of any boredom while they powder their noses. The padded cover is decked out in foil stamping for those moments when you want your loo to look like something worthy of the Queen herself but never fear, the giggle-inducing prompts contained on the pages within will keep any potty participants quite down to earth. Spaces for doodling? Check. Request for deep bathroom thoughts? You got ‘em. From crafting a soundtrack for their toilet time to recording what they found while snooping, your guests will have plenty of opportunities to leave their mark ... in a way you'll actually appreciate. Package this bathroom book with a 24-pack of toilet paper and some air freshener for a hilarious housewarming present or toss when in a Christmas stocking for a gag gift your dad won't soon forget. Whether you're nabbing this novelty for yourself or for someone else, heed our pro tip: provide plenty of pens. Nobody likes hunting for a writing utensil when they're already getting down to business. Specifications: Unique housewarming gift becomes a one-of-a-kind keepsake Helps even verbally constipated friends to be effortlessly witty Padded hardcover with foil stamping, ribbon page marker 112 pages

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