Handblown Art Glass

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What if we're all just tiny organisms swimming around in some giant cosmic fishbowl, forever at the mercy of some unseen giant? Hey, stranger things have happened. Before we get too philosophical and ruin everyone's day, let's just focus on the little fishbowls here which are much more exciting (and way less confusing). Create your own miniature world inside these Handblown Art Glass Terrariums / Candle Holders.Meet the gift that does double duty. Made of gorgeous handblown glass, each terrarium candle holder is a captivating swirl of color. Choose from cobalt blue or teal as your base color and you'll get all that more. It's all 100% glass, too - no paint or glaze that's going to fade or peel. The front of the terrarium has a generously sized opening so you can fill the interior with everything from rocks, moss, and figurines to dried flowers. Not much of a plant person? Tuck a tea light into the opening instead and now you have a vibrant candleholder. Basically, whatever tiny universe you want to build is now within arm's reach.Thanks to the handblown nature of these glass terrarium candle holders, each one is completely unique. For anyone who appreciates one-of-a-kind gifts, pretty things, or a chance to get crafty, these terrariums are a present that keeps on giving. NOTE: Terrarium ONLY, Plants/inside decors not included PRODUCT INFO: High quality hand blown art glass that is made to last Vivid, long lasting color, we use color glass not paints, that's safe for you and the environment

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