Gifts for Teenage Girls

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Gifts for Teenage Girls:Name & Interests Canvas
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Story Of The Earth Bracelets
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Water Bottle
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Pulleez: Sliding Hair Tie
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Name Necklace
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Ticket Stub Diary
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Photo Name Collage Frame
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Flip Flops
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Trick Question Game
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Compact Mirror
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Guitar String Bangles
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Fleece Bathrobes
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Future Depends On Today Ring
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Notebook Sets
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Always With You Keychain
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Girls Personalized Canvas
Gifts for Teenage Girls:AirPods Protective Case
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Letters To My Future Self
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Flexible Tablet Stand
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Ring Of Love - Daughter
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Embroidered Pink Laundry Bag
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Daily Thoughtful Notes
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Message Elastic Hair Ties
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Name Meaning Coffee Mug
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Chopsticks
Gifts for Teenage Girls:PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Silver Bracelet
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Semi Precious Stone Wrap Bracelet
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Star Map
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Acre Of Land On The Moon
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Reusable Drink Cup With Name
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Towel Wrap
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Silver Heart Necklace
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Tescoma: Granola Bar Press
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Ticket Stub Scrapbook
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Zodiac Cuff
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Ultra Fast-Dry Towel
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Sea Glass Cairn Necklace
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Phone Charging Bracelet
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Aquabot Bottle & Sprayer
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Coffee Mugs
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Fortune Cookie
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Personalized Canvas Prints - Inspiriting..
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Name A Star
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Happy Birthday Gift Tower
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Automatic Handbag Illuminator
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Birth Month Flower Grow Kit
Gifts for Teenage Girls:Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

Expert Tips

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Your Go-To Guide for Teenage Girl Gifts

Being a teen means staying on top of trends - or setting them. It means exploring interests, forging an identity, and lots and lots of firsts. If you want to make a teen girl smile, do your research and don't get too experimental. Stick to teenage girl gifts you're pretty sure she's going to love. Because, duh.


Ask her parents what she's into

If she's glued to her smartphone, pick a pretty protective case. If she's a budding athlete, sports supplies will be right up her alley.


Make school more fun

School and fun: Whether or not she equates those two words, stylish school supplies will help her be the classiest girl in class.


Get her something she can share

If she's inseparable from her squad, factor that into your decision. A group board game is great for sleepovers, a backyard game amps up outdoor fun, and a set of charm bracelets can be shared among the crew.


Customize it

It's no secret that teens can be self-focused (after all, they're discovering who they are!), so great teenage girl gifts involve anything with her name, initials, or even her favorite quote.


Beautify her bedroom

The house may belong to the whole family, but a teen's bedroom her personal sanctuary. Look for something that helps it feel like a haven. Playful pillows, pretty picture frames, and whimsical wall clocks all fit the bill.


Appeal to her fashion sense

Whether she's a sweats and sneakers girl, a makeup maven, or a baubles babe, she'll appreciate a present that suits her personal style. Not sure? Ask her mom or dad.


Stick with a tech toy

From modern Polaroid cameras to high-tech headphones, consumer electronics make great teenage girl gifts.


Rev up her ride

If she's got a car, a teenage girl most likely lives to drive it - and bring her friends along for the trip. Anything from a quirky keychain to a funky find to hang on her rear-view mirror is a welcome gift for young woman with wheels.

Gift Guides

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What a teenage girl thinks is cool may not be known until you stumble upon it. After all, this age group is not known for their communication skills with grownups. But you don’t need to feel like you’re gift shopping around in the dark for your teen. We rounded up a stellar list of cool gifts for teenage girls so you don’t have to resort to the most unoriginal money-in-card backup.

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