Unique Gifts (Under $25)

Gift Ideas and Gift Guide By Experts

Unique Gifts (Under $25):Birthstone Ornament
Unique Gifts (Under $25):PUDUS Slipper Socks
Unique Gifts (Under $25):5-In-1 Grill Spatula
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Smart Key Organizer
Unique Gifts (Under $25):State Scented Candles
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Bear Paw Meat Handler
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Guys Daring And Bold Socks Subscription
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Pulleez - Sliding Hair Tie
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Chopsticks
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Iron In A Bottle Spray
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Hidden Book Shelf
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Beach Towels
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Water Bottle With Storage Compartment
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Why Youre My Bestie Fill In The Love Journal
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Address Stamp - Mr & Mrs
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Birthday Beer Mugs
Unique Gifts (Under $25):45 Second Omelet Maker
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Photo Collage Ties - Favorite..
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Merlot Infused Coffee
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Stylish & Suave Socks Subscription For Him
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Kids Socks Subscription
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Street Signs - Grandpas Rules
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Pick Punch
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Urban Map Glass
Unique Gifts (Under $25):LETTERS TO MY MOM
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Electronic Dictionary Bookmark
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Terrarium Candle
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Purse Hanger
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Kabob Grilling Baskets
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Carved In Love Picture Frame -..
Unique Gifts (Under $25):BBQ Dragon Grill Set
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Street Signs For Couples
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Game Of Phones
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Our Life Together Keepsake
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Foodie Dice
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Whiskey Wedge And Glass
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Self-Watering Herb Garden
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Rechargeable LED Beanie Hat
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Pollinator Garden
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Etched Marathon Pint Glass
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Name A Star
Unique Gifts (Under $25):100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Anti-Odor Comfort Socks
Unique Gifts (Under $25):LifeStraw: Personal Water Filter
Unique Gifts (Under $25):Singing Egg Timer

Expert Tips

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Stumped Shopper's Guide to Creative Gifts

There are so many creative gifts out there that it can be hard to focus or even know where to start. If you don't consider yourself a creative thinker or just go blank under pressure, we have some tips that will get your wheels turning and moving in the right direction to find unique gifts for everyone in your life.


Start early

If you really want to give a creative gift you have to give yourself enough time to think of something. A tight deadline is a creativity killer so aim for at least four weeks to do your research and get it done.



Jot down all of the things about the person that makes them creative, special or unique to you. It could be things they own, things they say, things they do or just the way they make you feel. This list will really help you figure out what you want to celebrate with your unique gifts.


Be Selfish

Well, not really. But, we do want our gifts to be from us almost more than we want them to reflect how well we know the receiver. Just saying. Think about what of your traits you want to exploit through this gift. Do they love your taste in music? Do they adore your sense of style? Do they love your sense of humor or predictable nature? These are all great starting points for gift brainstorming!


Make Something

The most creative gifts come from your own two hands. There's something unmatched in the creativity and kindness that goes into a handmade gift whether it's edible, wearable, art, a joke or something for the home.


Artisans Know Best

If you don't trust your own hand-making skills, the next best thing is to get something from someone who does. Lucky for you, we live in a time when it's easy to access high-quality hand-made creative gifts that reflect any interest, taste level and medium.

Gift Guides

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Unique Gift Baskets

What's better than one unique gift? A whole basket of unique picks wrapped up as one superfly gift. It goes without saying that more is always better when it comes to gift giving. And here's the inside scoop on unique gift baskets. There are so many different kinds of gift basket collections to surprise someone you know. And, it’s not just about pineapple pieces on skewers or cellophane wrapping, we promise. Check out this gift list of cool and unique gift baskets to give a bundle that's just right.

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